Actors Needed for Middle-earth Lore Project Film Shoot


Dear LOTRO Players,

Ever wanted to be famous and in the moving pictures like the big stars? Now is your chance!

Lilikate’s Play Actin’ Spies are looking for actors to film a pair of scenes this Saturday 18th July 2015 at 4.30pm EDT (Landroval) onwards, for the Rivendell episode of the Middle-earth Lore series (the not so secret project).


We are looking to cast:

10 Dwarves of varying appearance.

We also need about 5 varied Elves.

In our second scene we are looking to cast:

A Legolas lookalike (Blond Elf Male with Bow)

A Gloin lookalike (Axe is essential)

4-5 Elves to act either as Servers, Extras or Elf Lords.


Server: Landroval


We will be shooting the first scene in Rivendell but we have not yet decided on the second scene location, I will announce this asap.

Please send me ( an email or leave a comment here for details or to sign up!

The shoots can be quite repetitive with recordings being taken several times and from several different angles. Patients is needed to get the right footage.

All who attend will be credited in the the final edit of this episode of Middle-earth Lore.

Here is the trailer to the series to give you a taste of what we are creating.



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