LOTRO Players News Episode 106: Shopping with Pineleaf


This week we talk about the most recent beta patch notes and a famous captain of Gondor.

Game News

Update 16.2.3 Beta Notes

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LOTRO Players News

Poll: Were You A Tolkien Fan Before LOTRO?

LOTRO Video Highlights: Cheers

Weatherstock Dance Party Song

LOTRO Conclave IV

LotRO and Lore: Kheled-zâram and the Dimrill Dale

The Family Line Part 52

The Family Line Part 53

The Family Line Part 54

The House of Beorn – To Bree

Poems of the Pine: The Great Barrow

Brax’s memorial pick of the week: Speculating on LotRO’s Upcoming Server Consolidation


New Player Question

How do virtues work? What should I focus on (according to class)?




  • Lots of crafting, working on getting my Rep up with the Crafting Guilds. 2-3 tokens x 4-7 tier x 5 characters.
  • Hytbold rebuild – Conquered the Beacon of Eaworth only to be thwarted by Shields on Poles in The Norcrofts
  • Ran a bunch of scaled instances to attempt to recoup some of the Medallions I spent on Rep Accelerators for the aforementioned crafting binge and Hytbold quests



  • Thought my Champion was lost
  • Found out brigand jails are bad news
  • Filmed and edited a ton for Middle-earth Lore



  • Moria Epic on the burglar, along with some instances with Karv and Kompany.
  • Finished Volume 1 on my challenge minstrel (no LI, skipping all of Volume 2).
  • Skirmishes, skirmishes, and even more skirmishes. Landroval!Teri ran a solo 3-man of Tuckborough, ran lots of Tuckborough with Maven on our hobbit duo.



  • L.UN.C.H. runs! A no-show for Morthond, but Windfola had a solid run for a 10th place 1:30:41. They did toast a chicken but it was before the Fords of Bruinen so they got a restart.
  • Got my 1st gold tanking piece! ‘bout time
  • That’s… that’s pretty much it. 😛



  • Arkenstone Beorning with Maven and Teri. We completed Thievery and Mischief and Defense of the Prancing Pony. We then completed our level-45 class quests. I also started to get the idea of how to heal as a Beorning.
  • My Gladden minstrel reached level 20. I then decided that Gladden was not suitable for the skirmish challenge because I already had a number of marks there from my capped character.
  • Created a new minstrel on Vanyar. This is a server where I have never played before, so I feel it is more suitable for the challenge. I reached level 21 and completed Book 1 and ran two skirmishes.



  • What they said, plus Karv’s offer I couldn’t resist
  • Finish the Shire meta-deeds under Teri’s mentorship
  • And Maven (actually Maevenn) is now on Landroval! I’ve started a hobbit hunter that will be strictly blue line so I can learn the trait tree


Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Boromir?


Podcast Mention:

Rebekah gives a shoutout to LilyRose and Rangers of the West on Gladden.  Thanks Rebekah for your support!


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  1. Branhild /

    To add a resource for virtues… I have used the Tenton hammer’s guide for heavy, medium & light. They have a table for each virtue/deed/location. It’s a little out of date, but works well.

  2. Maybe not the best place to ask but whatever did happen to the giveaways you had recently? Did I miss a link?

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