Poems of the Pine: The Great Barrow


Pinesong on Stage


In this week’s piece, we finish the first book of the epic story line. Instead of brigands, we are faced with the dead.

Book 1 Part 2 – The Great Barrow

We sought the servants
Of Sauron the Dark
But found a flock
Of feathered spies.
Our foes did fly
To the forest Old,
Where for time untold
Tom did abide.
Tom sent us to search
In the sickened barrows,
Where we found our foe,
The foulest of wraiths.
There the king of death
With Dourhand grim
Met a lord so gaunt
That he gave us chills.
We pursued the three
That sought our doom
Into the maze
Of tombs and death.
We lost our foes
And feared to be trapped
Until old Tom
Tore the grave
The barrow is cracked
And Bree is saved
We drove off dread and darkness.
Now to lonely lands
We look to go
To stem the stench of Sauron.

Next time, we head into the Lone Lands in search for a brown wizard.

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