LOTRO Players News Episode 105: Kermit in Middle-earth


This week we talk about the news and Mirkwood.

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LOTRO Players News

Middle-earth Lore Trailer

LotRO and Lore: The Shadows Where the Kergrim Dwell

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Siege of Gondamon

LOTRO Video Highlights: Let Me Go

Poems of the Pine: Book 1

The Family Line Part 51

New Player Question

With the Helm’s Deep expansion on special, would you remind us where 1) the f2p players AND 2) the VIP players  have to start spending?



  • L.UN.C.H. run – Dwarrowdelf tied for 6th place!
  • Hit rank 7 on my Guardian after the podcast last weekend
  • Serious armour drama :/



  • Got lost in the Entwash, helped wake up ents, pulled a Jacksonian Denethor in Rohan, Level 84 in the Sutcrofts
  • Popped in to Bree for some shoppin’, discovered winter had brought in brigands so we saved the day!.
  • Discovered why some folks were frustrated with “We Cannot Get Out”… in Moria.



  • Found out ‘The Fellowship Departs’ instance is not repeatable
    • but the Frodo walk is
    • Power leveled my Captain with several people to 45 to do it
  • Filmed a lot of Middle-earth Lore shots



  • Unintentionally over leveled my hobbit hunter on Arkentone
  • Skirmished, skirmished, and skirmished
  • Hit some hitherto unvisited areas of Moria with Spridra and Teri



  • Streamed some more this week, had Landroval!Teriadwyn solo her way through some Tier 2 Duo skirms.
  • Finished Volume 1 on my Rune-Keeper, and she’s now working through Moria and the Volume 2 epic.
  • Lots of skirmishing! Arkenstone!Teriadwyn is up to level 44.



  • On Gladden, my Beorning completed V2 Book 7.
  • Challenge character reached level 17. Completed the three prologues and am in Book 1.
  • Running Gondamon and Amon Sul for my guide.


Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Mirkwood?



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Roanna29 left a 5 Star Review on iTunes:

“Not Quite as Fun as playing Lotro itself

One of the things MMOs offer that single player games don’t is … other people.  The Lotro community is a diverse and welcoming one largely brought together by a love of Tolkien’s works, but kept there by a game that is fun even when it’s frustrating.  The group of podcasters (disclosure here, one of whom I play Lotro with) shows all the best aspects of the community and the game off with a sense of fun and camaraderie that makes me want to fire up my launcher and join the fun.  There’s a mix of old and new players, and really, the amount of fun this group has chatting each other up is truly infectious.  If you play the game already, or are just curious about whether it’s worth checking in on-this podcast will be for you.  Keep it up Andang, Maven, Teriadwyn, Arathaert, Karvett (and his FAMILY) and, of course, Pineleaf. (is there a fan group for him yet? ;))”

GumpsGang left a 5 Star Review on iTunes:

“It’s Pine-tastic!

Do slayer deeds get you in a slump?  One more half-troll and you’re going to hurl?  (What is the other half anyway?)  Put on an episode of LOTRO Players News to brighten your day.  Every episode is guaranteed to be at least four and a half times more fun than counting ceiling tiles, —- Thank you for all you do! – Kovyt”

Featured Comments

timhedden left a comment on this week’s LotRO and Lore:

“Wonderful! Great series! At some point, please cover the Nameless, those dreadful creatures in the Foundation’s of Stone need some explanation. I feel they are close to what you covered in this episode.”


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  1. Berenthalion /

    I think the team definitely has a fan at turbine , this quote is directly from the patch notes for bullroarer…. “Changes for this build:


    The Fellowship Departs instance has been added to the Reflecting Pool in Rivendell.”

    So all that work paid off Andang & Co…. ish. Well if you need a second take it will be easier now…. perhaps the director didn’t feel the actor’s heart was in the emote, now you can go back more easily to re-film!

    • Andang /

      Yeah I saw that and that is pretty awesome (and kind of scary :D) that they are listening.

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