Poems of the Pine: Book 1


Pinesong on Stage

In this week’s piece, we start the first book of the epic story line. It is time to deal with those brigands and that rogue ranger.

Book 1 – Blackwolds Broken

With Strider we sought
To strike a blow
At the Blackwold Brigands
That burned our lands.
There a dour dwarf
Most deadly we found,
One Skorgrim Dourhand,
Scourge of the Blue.


Nastier than Dourhand
Were the Nazgûl most foul
Who created Amdir
As a Cargûl in Red.
There we rendered Amdir
The rest he deserved
To break the back
Of the Blackwold horde.

Next time, we try to learn what the Black Riders are up to.

Pineleaf Needles

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