Middle-earth Lore Trailer


As many of you know, I have been working with several awesome people since March on ‘The Secret Project’ which was later revealed on LOTRO Academy as Middle-earth Lore.  This project has quickly grown into way more than I ever anticipated and I can’t wait to share our first episode in a couple weeks.

In the mean time we have a trailer to share.  This trailer captures the feel of the series and also functions as the intro to each episode as we make our way through Middle-earth.

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  1. Peggy Basinger /

    Very much looking forward to this.

  2. Pash /

    Great stuff! Well done folks, looking forward to this.

  3. Cambruin /


  4. Bellcaunion /

    Oh come on that was it. I was so disappointed. I wanted more! I think you should properly call it a teaser trailer. I can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work.

  5. Gabriyel of Dwarrowdelf /

    So Andang I watched the trailer and was intrigued. I have wanted to put together a video for my Kin for recruiting, but I am not sure how to go about doing it. I know how to record in game video, but I am not sure how to make it look cinematic with camera angles and zooming in and out, and all that. I am looking to do something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F90RQaGPOZ0&feature=plcp

    Are there any good tutorials out there on how to make an in-game cinematic video? If not, has LOTRO players ever considered making a tutorial Video?

    • Andang /

      Actually all the camera movements of both the video you linked to and the Middle-earth Lore trailer are done in-game. (With the exception of the map shot in the lore trailer.) This is done simply by turning off the UI and usually going into walk mode (check your keybindings for details on that).

      In the video you linked and in the lore trailer, it looked like every shot was done with a camera character that was filming everything all the way zoomed into first person (ie so they can’t see their own character). This usually gets the best shots but sometimes it can be better to do one with the camera character visible (usually rotating around the character in a 90 to 360+ degree rotation).

      When you edit you will want an editor. Windows Movie Maker is free on PC and Mac has its own free editor. If you are really serious about wanting to get a good editor there are many choices, some very expensive. I personally use the Steam version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus. (2015 version is supposed to be even better) It does pretty much everything I need it to do and it is not too expensive as far as video editors go.

      • Gabriyel of Dwarrowdelf /

        Thanks for the help I kind of figured that’s all it was. I have a really nice video editor as well. I use Pinnacle Studio.

    • Andang /

      Also doing a guide sounds like a good idea. I am pretty busy right now but I will add that to my list of articles/videos to do.

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