LOTRO Players News Episode 104: First Age Frying Pan


This week we talk about the new PvMP map, cosmetic weapons and site news.

Game News

The New PvMP Map — Update 16.2 Beta

Cosmetic Weapons — Update 16.2 Beta

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LOTRO Players News

Poll: What Kind of War-Steed Do You Use?

LOTRO Video Highlights: CSTM Rock Opera

Poems of the Pine: Prologue

The Family Line — Part 50

The Cottage of Pen and Play: The Last Charge

LOTRO and Lore: Skorgrim’s Origins

LOTRO and Lore: The Blue Caste

Sponsoring our New Player Question this week is a new player on the Bree commercial scene:

From Merryrose Morningsong:

“Were you disappointed that Lalia’s Market doesn’t sell steeds? Are you looking for more than just a fashionable outfit of questionable origin? Do you long for your knight in actual shining armour? Perhaps you’ve had unwelcome relatives move in? Then come on over to Smiths & Weapons Outfitters where we carry a wide selection of armour, weapons and gear! Ever Arda-conscious… used armour is recycled for decor. Equipped with mechanisms to make them shake, rattle & moan, these free standing suits enable you to have your very own Haunted Burrow, for entertainment and to ward of annoying relatives. With two convenient locations in South & West Bree, our qualified, friendly staff are ready to serve your needs. Smiths & Weapons Outfitters – hammering out deals by slashing high prices.”

New Player Question

Is the Beorning a good class? Is it a class that a beginner could use effectively, or does it need a more experienced player?



  • Popped into QuartermasterU’s stream on the lotrostream this week to see if I could pester Frelorn about guesting on the show, and learned that MadeofLions is a listener!
  • Did some streaming, got my burglar up to level 60 and finally completed the Burglarize deed!
  • Played with Pineleaf during the Academy field trip, finished book 5 of the epic story and started book 6, also did the Fem storyline in Aughaire.



  • Took my dwarf mini along as Teri introduced Gryfflet to the Ale Association
  • Glordriel received a new mission that has reinspired her (As part of that mission, she now has the Banner of the King emote)
  • Heliantha 36….”hunter” and “Elf” Nooooo



  • Leveled Karvett to 81 questing about the Norcrofts, finished Cliving and am moving south along the Epic past Ethengels.
  • Started listening to the SilmFilm podcasts while driving.
  • Dinner



  • Dinner
  • L.UN.C.H. run – had a DNS from Estel, but Riddermark had a respectable 1:34:42 run. Got a thank-you message afterward telling me it livened up the server.
  • Beta testing stream – cosmetic armour



  • Created a minstrel on Gladden. This is in part to prepare for a future concert but I also decided that this will be my skirmish challenge character (i.e., level with only epic, skirmishes, class, and racial quests).
  • My Windfola warden soloed the fellowship version of Siege of Gondamon. The toughest part is when I was fighting an Emissary of War and Enraged Snapper at the same time.
  • Completed Skirmisher of Middle-earth with my Windfola Beorning. That means that I now have the title on all of the classes.


Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Mirkwood?



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This week we did not receive any reviews on iTunes.



Merryrose writes:

“Hi! Love your podcast as always. You keep things fun & exciting. You are my kind of people.

You have changed how I track time. It used to be “crap it’s Monday” and “yeah, it’s Friday!” Now it is “Darn, I missed the Saturday live show, how much longer until Monday am to download the podcast?” And I no longer look forward to Friday; Thursday has replaced it with the next installment of The Family Line.

The fake sponsorship ads were freaking hilarious! Loved ’em all. Karvett & Arathaert have a wonderful time bouncing crazy comments off each other. Keep it up!

Here’s a possible ad. No worries if it gets obliterated by Sauron’s blazing gaze. Or maybe you guys can make it better? Feel free to do so.

Were you disappointed that Lalia’s Market does not actually sell steeds? Are you looking for more than just a questionable outfit? Do you long for your knight in shining armour? Perhaps you have had unwelcome relatives move in? Then come on over to the Weapons & Armour Shop in Bree where we can offer you a selection of new armour. We even have recycled armour that can be used as decoration. These standing suits of armour come with a free mechanism to make it shake, rattle, & moan. You can have your very own Haunted Burrow! We have 2 convenient locations in South & West Bree. Our friendly staff are highly qualified to serve your needs.

Very tongue in cheek,

Merryrose Morningsong”


Sparge writes:

“Dropping a few lines to say thank you for the entertainment, information and passion you have for LOTRO.  I left a comment on one of your articles a few weeks back about how it was because of Lotro players and The Acadamy Podcast that brought me back .  To make a long story short I’ll break it down to why I am sending you this email.

A couple of weeks ago I was running my main toon around East Rohan with fellow kinsmen gathering resources while listening to your podcast.  I sort of have a bad habit of talking (making comments) while I am playing.  Well, this was one of those days were the comments were flowing like water and my wife came into the room to see if I was ok.  She sat down on the sofa and pretended to read her book but what she was doing was watching us roam the area, chat with each other and have fun.  All the while I also had one of your podcast running in the background (which at times I was making comments on that to.  So I was sitting there having a conversation with you even though I know you can’t hear me.  My wife seeing how engrossed I was into the game at that time, came over to me, kissed me on the cheek and said…..”I want to PLAY.”  My jaw, now on the floor soon shut.  I told kinsmen I had to log for now and would see them soon.  Wife made up her 1st toon (champion) and I made a LM to run with her.  We are now lvl 35 and she is having a blast.  There was even a day that we played over 7 hours straight.  Even though we don’t play everyday because we both work at different times, we look forward to putting on a podcast while following the epic quests.  We are in the trollshaws now and even though the book quest is red to us we are kicking butt and taking names.

I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you guys, if not for you, my wife and I would not be having as much fun as we are right now.

We have been married 29 years and we sort of do our own thing at times, this has turned into something we do together.

Thank You again.

Sparge (Arkenstone)”


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  1. Arathaert, if you tank with a frying pan, I’ll heal it. LilyRose

  2. Why are all https links down? Downloaded the client and when it gave me the option of high-res I said yes, then I got failing patches. I think it’s because their https links are all down.

  3. Dear Sparge–

    You and your wife are officially adorable! Long may you have a blast together in Middle Earth.

    • Sparge (Arkenstone Server) /

      Ty so much for the kind words. Really enjoyed the podcast and of corse being the butt of Lotro marriage counseling jokes… Had both my wife and I laughing so hard we had to stop in a safe place to hear the rest.

  4. Bragenthorne - Gladden /

    Please stop stealing from Light the Beacons, its not your shtick, its Braag’s

    • Andang /

      We actually were going to keep that as Braag’s thing. We had this idea several months ago but I told everyone that Braag was currently doing the same thing.
      A few weeks ago, Ara and Karv said they had an idea for a new segment. They had already done a lot of work on fake ads (they had like 25 of them) and so I decided it would be alright to do them instead of scraping a ton of their work.

      Also, Through the Palantir was the first LOTRO podcast to do fake ads so really it is Ivan’s shtick, not Braag’s. (not to mention all the podcasts before them who did fake ads for other games (or the fake ads from years and years of television))

      Lastly, I would just like to say I love Braag’s podcast and hope he keeps doing all the awesome things on his show. I listen to both and hope everyone else does.

  5. Bragenthorne - Gladden /

    Thank you for the illumination Andang.

    These shticks on your show did seem to start shortly after Light the Beacons did them.

    Maybe its just my awful perception, since I am focused only on current LOTRO Podcasts and nothing else.

    I did ask please, its your choice to do so or not, just like I get to choose what game or podcast I am interested in.

    Happy Hunting All,
    The other Brag

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