Cosmetic Weapons – Update 16.2 Beta


Yesterday Turbine released the first build of the Update 16.2 Beta on the test server and if the new PvMP map isn’t your thing you might be interested in the new cosmetic weapons system.  While the system is not as deep as I would like, it seems to be a good first step.


  1. You can only equip the cosm version of the weapon you’re wearing Andang… So you were only able to wear cosm swords in the vid. Or: When your normal weapons are axes your cosm weapons HAVE to be axes too…

    • Berenthalion /

      Yeah this is basically it, I have never really noticed it as they all look the same to me but apparantly there are different animations for each weapon type and this is the reason that you have to have the same type of item.

  2. Sparge /

    seems easy enough that even I could do it

  3. Baldigar Stumblefoot /

    I would prefer they let us weapons that we cant use in terms of class training (as well as fully cosmetic items), and just swap them to your equipped weapons when in combat automatically, mainly for animations.

  4. Cambruin /

    I really love this. after all these years of “it’ impossible due technical limitations” Sapience/Paiz fed us. I’m very glad there’s team Frelorn/Vyvyanne at the helm.

  5. Goblinbane /

    Finally… Although would prefer to be able to put sword in place of mace. Hope they will improve it.

    Both PvMP map and this cosmetics (and also East Gondor with imbueing) show that there is some life in Turbine and things are not so gloomy as they seemed just few months ago.

  6. I am waiting for this for sooooo long (that, and a Hobby horse). I have seen so many beautiful swords I would love to use cosmetically. And although I grew to like my ‘Huorn-on-a-Stick-Staff’, there are so much nicer ones. And about the restrictions. For me personally it’s okay. A Lore-master has a sword and a staff, no crossbow and an axe.

  7. Bellcaunion /

    Something that people have wanted for a long time is finally coming. I’m glad to see Turbine is showing us some love. Maybe this means that there are some other things on the horizon as well.

  8. Thimbur /

    I’m already looking at shields for my little Hobbit Warden.

  9. I see you can’t turn your weapons’ appearance off.

  10. onesacker15 /

    I am hoping they will allow you to hide your weapon on your back. A longbow on a dwarf is just not appealing.


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