LOTRO 8-Year Anniversary Rewards



LOTRO has announced the rewards for its 8th anniversary. Rewards from previous years are carried forward, with a new tier added for those who mark their 8th year along with the game:


8 Year
Accounts created on April 30th, 2007 or earlier
Songs of your deeds have traveled far and wide. Rohan, and now Gondor know your name!

You will receive:

  • An 8-year character portrait frame
  • A Hooded Cloak
  • Fireworks

Your Monster Play character will recieve:

  • Creep Inspired Fireworks!
  • 5% Attack Damage x5

The rewards will be available after 11:59 PM EDT on April 11th, and the Anniversary Festival is scheduled to run from April 15th through April 28th. For further details, check out the post by Quartermaster U.


  1. Tirian /

    You say that the rewards will be available after 11th April, but the Q&A at the bottom of page says that although eligibility is based upon the status of your account on 11th April, the gifts aren’t going to bestowed until the start of the anniversary festival on the 15th:

    ‘When will the gifts be granted?
    The gifts will be granted to your account at the beginning of our anniversary celebration in-game on April 15th, 2015. These will be based on the status of your account* as of 11:59PM EST on April 11th.’

  2. Hrmm…The rewards seem a little lackluster this year.

  3. Lackluster is the word..

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