LOTRO to Unveil Super Mega Server


Please note: The following post was an April Fool’s joke and is not real.

Today on the official forums, LOTRO executive producer Athena Peters gave some additional details about the upcoming server merges for Lord of the Rings Online. Instead of singling out specific servers to remain, as was previously alluded to, LOTRO will be moving all players to a single new Super Mega Server named ARDA (A Really Dense Area). The Super Mega Server will be centrally located on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean, so as to normalize latency for both European and North American players.

ARDA will also be equipped with a new on-demand layering technology that will allow players to transport themselves to a less-populated layer. This feature is being implemented based on player feedback, as many have expressed the desire for seclusion during their Middle-Earth adventuring. When activated, the system will prompt the player to enter a desired world size and will then attempt to place them in a layer with a matching population. Setting the desired world size to 1 will download and install WB’s RPG Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

We think that the implementation of ARDA will benefit both the players and the game of LOTRO by providing the playstyle choice that players enjoy as well as the server efficiency that our budget demands – Athena Peters

No word yet as to when transfers will be available, but forum speculation points to sometime before next April Fools Day.

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  1. Oh brilliant , if you get on the PvMP council do you get to visit the oil rig? Mind you they’ll promise that but years later have never taken you there, twice offered a new oil rig and never deliver one.

  2. Freddigun /

    Not a bad April’s Fools

  3. Barnabras /

    Cruel LPN, just cruel.

  4. Zyngor /

    I’d love to hear stories about users’ experiences on this new server. Perhaps it could be compiled into a literary piece titled the Tales of ARDA? Free pie with every book purchase!

  5. Baldigar /

    Shame this isn’t true, it seems perfect 😀

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