LOTRO Players News Episode 89: Dangnapped In Dumbland


This week we have a crazier show than usual talking about the news of the week.

Game News

Two Player Councils This Year – PvE and PvP

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LOTRO Players News

Do You Craft In LOTRO?

LOTRO Video Highlights: Middle-earth

The Family Line Part 35

Brax’s pick of the week: theartofwarg.com

New Player Question

Let’s talk the chat box. What is World Chat and is it useful? How can I customize my chat so that I see the channels I want?



  • LUNCH on Gilrain (new 1st place!)
  • Leveled minstrel
  • Nomzushtar!


  • Got Dangnapped by a Shark in a dumb land


  • Mythgard Monday! (recognized by a player in-game from LPN)
  • Attempted champ-tanking on Gladden!Teri for the first time (mostly successful).
  • Warg is rank 5!


  • Been busy setting up my own business so limited game time
  • Glordriel Arrowmaven hit 89 and her morale is now over 10,000
  • Running around Eastemnet building rep so people in Hytbold will talk to me (explain what Hytbold is for players who don’t know)


  • Beorning reached level 100 and completed Volume 3 – max rank with Weaponsmith Guild
  • Reached level 50 on my video Beorning
  • Mythgard Monday: Attack at Dawn

News Beyond LOTRO

The Kings of Gondor Part 5

Skirmish of the Week

Topic: Which is the best depiction of Saruman?


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The Announcers camaraderie is the best area of the show. They all work hard to fill the show with good content, and deserve more exposure to the larger community. 4 stars simply because for several months a lot of the podcast felt aloof due to host concerns about the game direction. Not sure if this was from contributor emotions, or from lack of Turbine engagement. Things are looking up recently, both for the game, and the contributors. Lets hope doing the podcast is as rewarding to them as it has been to the listeners over the years.”

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“My Drive To Work Podcast!

Love the show! Look forward to Monday mornings!!!”

Featured Comments

Nate C left a comment on this week’s poll:

“I find crafting to be a good relief from the questing grind. It helps that crafting actually grants XP, I think that was a smart incentive to add. You can craft things for yourself that are actually really useful and help you level faster or survive a tough quest/NPC. For instance I made a very effective 1h sword (with an awesome, red-glowing skin btw) for my guardian that I used from levels 49-51 and it didn’t even cost an arm and a leg.”


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  1. A word about world chat. It does vary greatly by server. but one of the things that I find important to remember is that it is often a newbies intro to the server community. So established players I feel have a responsibility to help keep an eye on things. If someone asks a question, answer it. If someone is being bullied, step in and let them know not ALL the people on the server are ***hats.

    This does mean pulling on your asbestos undies and being willing to be trolled, and keep calm if flamed. But if world chat on your server belongs to the trolls, and you have it in you to keep countering them, and using ignore where needed, you can help take it back from them.

    We should be welcoming to newbies. They help ensure the game we love to play continues.

  2. Very good point…
    I will try to look at world chat every so often just in case…
    Raises a good question, what as a community can we do to help newbies play LOTRO, I know from experience that many and most players are higher leveled and getting on level groups is difficult, I have seen that there is a constant demand for teaming up and power leveling lower level players but we are actually blasting past some of the enjoyable content. Some of the magic that is LOTRO will be missed by these new players…

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