LOTRO Players News Episode 87: Down, Down to Dunland Town


This week we talk about the site news and the various adaptations of Goblin Town.

Game News

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LOTRO Players News

Poll: How Should the Battle at Pelennor Fields be Depicted?

LOTRO Academy: 101 – Mounted Combat 101

LOTRO Video Highlights: LOTR Shire

Defense of the Prancing Pony

The Family Line Part 34

LOTRO Poems #14

Brax’s pick of the week: Shamus Plays LOTRO

New Player Questions

How does a fellowship work? What are the advantages in landscape questing? Do I need to already know other players to be in one?



  • Continued Epic Story through Dunland
  • Had a lot of fun guesting on Arathaert’s stream


  • Played through a T3 skirmish with Andang on Teriadwyn. (only died once!)
  • Rolled a creep on Gladden and got a guided tour of the Moors from Arathaert.
  • Warbands of eastern Rohan with Trish.


  • Beorning reached 92. When I reached 90, I went to skirm camp to get gear.
  • Junior Beorning in Angmar
  • Concert on Firefoot. Next month will be Belegear
  • Mythgard Monday


  • What they all said, but on the receiving end 😛
  • So basically Kermit and Wargs.
  • Chicken L.UN.C.H. runs starting Wednesday?


  • Glordriel is at 85, has reached Eastemnet tailor mastery
  • Biggest highlight was hunting warbands with Teriadwyn and Teriadorn, got all but one
  • Next biggest highlight was running through Goblin Town with Alistriel (one of Teriadwyn’s alts)

News Beyond LOTRO

Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC Trailer

Skirmish of the Week

Topic: Which is the best depiction of Goblin Town?


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Featured Comments

Amenhir left a comment on this week’s poll:

“Let me lead the charge of the Rohirrim and run headlong into the orc horde trampling them as I go. Culminating into a 24 man raid against oliphants followed up with a session play where I get to be Eowyn and kill the witch king.”

Zyngor also left a comment on this week’s poll:

“While I am rather indifferent about Epic Battles, after reading the question that states how *should* they be implemented, I’d probably go with EBs. I see this as the most logical way to display Pelennor, now that we’re in the thick of some of the major battles of this Age (and the likely reason for designing this system in the first place).


In the case of the HD EBs, we’ve seen that Turbine can design them in such a way that we’re just another pleb in the mix of soldiers, and there is only one outcome (assuming the lore-driven fellers are not slain). As such, EBs would let us experience the story, without directly interfering with the main successes of the battle (RIP Witchy).


I suppose the alternative would be a beastly session play (or grouping of session plays, to hit all of the battle’s major points). If this were the case, I’d like to see more rounded-out session play characters, who have more than 1-3 skills.”


Estel-Ali writes:

“Hail friends and well m……..ok ok chill Andang 😛


Hello LOTRO Players!

I have been meaning to write in for a while but something always came in the way.


First of all congrats to Trish L. on being part of LPN!! Love all the new segments that you guys have added to the podcast. I am sorry to see few people leave LPN for other podcasts but oh well I have always believed that change is good.


Absolutely loved the episode with The Tolkien Professor and I hope you guys do more collaborations in future as well.


So I am finally got back after a months hiatus from LOTRO and it has been great. Other then leading raids daily with Casual Raiders , smooth plug, I have been playing on Landroval a lot as well. I joined the awesome Mythgard kinship. Also I joined Lilikate for her new fantastic poetry event ‘Juicy and Rhymes’. I am amazed at the diversity of LOTRO player base. And I am so proud to be a member of it.


As always, awesome podcast and keep up the great work 🙂


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