Poll: Is LOTRO Your First MMO?


Is LOTRO your first MMO?

Is LOTRO your first MMO?

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  1. Officially… no. Only STO came first, but I didn’t play that as an MMO like I do in LOTRO

  2. Baldigar /

    My first was Star Wars Galaxies, but soon after I found this; this was main and second MMO, and I’ve been around for 7 years, not launch, but since launch year.

  3. Technically LOTRO isn’t my first MMO but the first MMO i was actually serious about, the first one I played is Wizard 101, which was a surprisingly good game. I only played the game very casually for around 3 weeks and then got bored.

  4. Branhild /

    Yes, I started with F2P. You shall not pay!

  5. No. I tried other MMOs first. But Lotro is the first one I played more than 2 hours.

  6. First and only. Not really a serious gamer but life long Middle-earther (?). I got a Wii and was looking for a more “serious” game to play on it. Looked at Aragorn’s Journey or something like that when I saw a $3 boxed set of LOTRO at a used bookstore… Never looked back or elsewhere.

  7. I have played several MMOs before LOTRO, with a focus on F2P titles. LOTRO is the second MMO I have played pretty seriously. The first was Silkroad Online, an Eastern grind-heavy title. Perhaps this de-sensitized me to grind in other MMO titles!

    LOTRO does have its place as my longest-played and favorite of MMOs I have experienced thus far, so it has that going!

  8. I put yes, I played DDO for about 3 days prior to the arrival of LOTRO FtP – so I’m not counting that.

    And I haven’t played anything since I started LOTRO, apart from about 3 hours of Neverwinter one evening. My DDO account remains dormant, and will stay that way.

  9. Tinybel /

    I went DAOC ——> Lineage 2 ——> WOW ——> LOTRO/DDO

  10. FFXI to DOFUS (for nearly 2 years!) and LOTRO!

  11. First and only MMO! I don’t have a lot of time for gaming, but love being able to explore an expansive Middle Earth.

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