Juice and Rhymes – Fun at the Ivy Bush.



On Landroval we at The Lonely Mountain Band have for many years hosted Ales and Tales. However for players in different timezones it can be tough to attend on a regular basis.

I have this week launched a new role-play session to cater for those who find A&T too late. Juice and Rhymes is a new project of mine which I host at The Ivy Bush, Hobbiton. Date and time is Mondays at 3.00pm to 4.30pm. All are welcome even a few Tall-folks who may want to share some stories and meet and greet the local Hobbits.

Our aim is to play in character, share some simple rhymes, drink a lot of Juice… even the Dizzy Juice! Overall to enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

Here are the screen shots and Rhymes from our first gathering:

Our Rhymes:

You may find these repeated in further Juice and Rhyme sessions in the future!

A Rhyme to get started.

A rhyme for you
A drink or two
Friends here, gathered together

To share the time
Sing, dance and chime
Songs sung with growing endevour

I welcome you
Chums, old and new
To the Ivy Bush, however

You must this day
Sware to uphold our role play
Without expecting anything too clever

The juice is served
In mugs, I’ve heard
Plenty for all who assemble

Lets all cheer
and wish this ‘ere
Booze and pie last forever!

By Lilikate Buggins

Dizzy Water

Sometimes in my cup
There is juice I like to sup
It makes my head go silly
I burp and hic.
Act a ninny, feel sick
I wish that i’d stayed sober

I freely admit
I should rarely do this
As it often causes trouble
For once I took
A drop of Bullroarers Brook
Shook head to toe weeks after.

Be careful if you imbibe
The water, “Dizzy” I describe
It often leads to disaster
Drink slow, take small sips
Be respectable, that’s it
Earn the title “Little Master!”

By Lilikate Buggins

A Little Nonsensical One

‘It doesn’t rhyme!’
‘But it does chime!’
‘rhymes of any kind’
‘might just blow your mind!’

By Ametistah.












































































  1. An awesome idea…unfortunately I miss both due to RW commitments…oh well one day I will get to an event!

  2. Oh finaly some EU friendly event 😉 will try to attend next week!

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