Poll: Should LOTRO Have a Level Cap Increase in 2015?


After a recent forum post by the Executive Producer saying that there will not be a level increase in 2015, a debate has started about if LOTRO should have a level cap increase in 2015.  We are wondering where you stand.

Should LOTRO have a level cap increase in 2015?

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  1. Lewis / Berenthalion /

    I’d bet its up for debate. Some pushed for a hold on level increase last year and they changed their minds. If opinion reaches critical mass it would be entirely possible.

    They may be hesitant if imbuing is still in beta or “live beta” if you like.

    I’ve been on both sides of the argument, but now I find myself not particularly looking forward to the artifice of levelling. Have +x stat on gear, get +x morale and damage, only for the mobs to have +x whatever and be at square one. I think I just see through it now.

    A stable level cap allows me to enjoy the content I like, Kin and PUG runs of group content, and not necessarily a solo grind or XP artifice. Not that I don’t like the story but I dont want to have to rush through it, so I don’t miss out on the spurt of group content that happens post content release. Means I can take my time and enjoy the story/quests, when a silly level number doesn’t mean I can’t join in.

  2. Cambruyn /

    Not a fan of lvl cap increases. There’s alternative ways to advance a character. However, while few like another lvl cap increase, no one hates them either, at least not to the point of quitting. It’s more like a necessary evil I guess. An attempt at alternative ways to advance has been made; Big Battles. We all know how well that went…

    So undecided here.

  3. I wonder why making level 100 LI imbue-able if there is no current plan to raise the level cap this year.

    • Amenhir /

      That can work as long as they allow the weapons to once again gain some kind of item xp and give the items a 5-10 lvl raise.

  4. Baldigar /

    I say no, never, because 100 is plenty to level. However, I think they should reconfigure later levels so that there is more than one way to get from, say, 80 to 100. Also, I’d prefer a sideways progression system that lets us get more Trait Points from any way we choose (so long as it would grant normal XP) so that we still are growing. (more info on system: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?563058-Sideways-Progression-Mastery-Levels-to-add-more-Trait-Points)

    I don’t see the need for levels, but I see the need for progression.

    • Plus rep on this post. Class Trait Points being tied to specific Quest lines forces you to do them all over and over with Alts as opposed to having flexibility/alternatives in how you play. They need to link Class Trait points to deeds (even if it’s questing deeds) or another mechanic that allows choice. This has ben a pet-peeve of mind since it premiered in Western Rohan…

      • Goblinbane /

        Well, levels give full flexibility in ways of gaining XP, but I see that some people hate levels, so you want something different but gained in as many ways as levels… Whats the difference then? Still lot of grind.

        And soon people making raids will start to demand from 100’s maxed trait points, apart from gear. So nothing will change, but there will be huge difference in strength of different 100’s making chaos. Already level 100 without DA armors is much weaker then 100 that maxed gear and made whole Central Gondor. Even quality of essences can make difference in main stats of 1000 points! 4500 with standard essences – 5500 when you spend time and resources to max essences.

        Increasing power by trait points will make it even harder to asses real strength of 100’s, so I think sooner or later raiders will again start to complain or will be playing only with people whom they know.

        IMO alternate advancing will just make things more complicated (specially for not hardcore players) while grind will stay as it was or maybe even become worse.

        Already alternate advancing by trait points makes you to buy Western Rohan and Central Gondor and make there quest lines with all toons if you want to max them. So you have to repeat these regions many times. IMO it is much better to just gain levels, cause you can make it in many different ways also without questing (skirms, instances, warbands hunting) or left undone those quests or areas that you do not like.

  5. Voices of reason here(comment section)… I would love for another method of progression be found but I am pretty sure raises will be made… Whether it is beneficial or not is to be seen…

  6. Personally, I always feel the need to have something to aim for. Once my characters have hit level cap they have pretty much laid dormant until the level cap is raised. If there is never an increase from 100 personally I wouldn’t mind as long as I felt that I had something else to level up or achieve instead. Particularly as I play alot of alts, I would struggle to want to play alot of them beyond level cap without any ‘aim’.

  7. lotrofan /

    @Goblinbane…reference this comment: “IMO it is much better to just gain levels”….It’s easier for Turbine, but not better for the players who in the end suffer for it. Food for thought.

    • Goblinbane /

      For me better, so you should avoid to talk in the name of all players. Also poll shows that more then 80 prc of voters want new levels, so IMO you really should avoid talking in the name of all players.

      Believe me, not all people in the world think the same as you.

      In my opinion all alternate metods of advancement mainly bring chaos, specially for non-hardcore players, who cant spend hours to learn new ideas of Turbine. I had met many people in my kin, who after explanations, how to get slotted armor and essences, said that this is stupid grind and they will play with standard gear.

      At this moment in Lotro alternate advancement metods are often bigger grind then just gaining levels (vide:
      – slotted armor and essences – you have to make lot of boring dailies or spend lot of gold;
      – legendary weapons – you have to raid to get symbols, you have to grind guilded craft or at least have friend who did it;
      – trait points – you HAVE TO make many obligatory quest lines to collect them all).

      Already achieving level 100 is not top. If you want to be really strong you need to grind much more with your 100. Alternate metods of advancement will just mean that these grind will be bigger with every 6-12 months, so I personally see no difference between levels and some alternate metods, It is still grind, but at least in case of levels you can choose a ways in which you gain XP so if you are bored with questline you can skirm, raid, hunt warbands and so on. In case of alternate advancement, situation is currently much worse. Often you do not have any choice. Do you really want more regions in which you HAVE TO make whole questlines with every toon to gain trait points? Is it fun? IMO,for many people it will be suffering. Specially when they did not buy that region.

  8. I’d only like a new level cap if turbine takes us to Erebor before Mordor, if we go directly to Mordor after Minas Tirith, we should stay lvl 100.

  9. Zimzeebo /

    I would prefer no more leveling, ever. 100 is a nice round number. New regions can have tougher mobs/bosses and offer better gear to compensate but I don’t ever want to be level 105. That sounds so wrong to me.

    Plus I’m not a big fan of leveling.

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