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LOTRO Players News LOGO 4 LargeHail and well met friends!

As many of you now know, episode 80 was Ethelros and Cithryth’s last show on LOTRO Players News. They left the show on great terms and are always welcome back anytime.

With their absence though, we feel a need for two new hosts on LOTRO Players News. We have already filled one spot with someone we will announce in the near future but we still need a sixth host to have our full fellowship.

This is where you guys come into play.  We are looking to our audience for our sixth member to the show. It may surprise you but Braxwolf, Cithryth and Draculetta were all additions to our show from the audience.  Also know that you definitely don’t need to have been on a podcast already, but if you have, all the better.

To apply to join the show, make a 2-10 minute mp3 recording of yourself talking about LOTRO news or a topic relating to LOTRO.  Then send in the recording to podcast@lotroplayers.com

If the recording size is too big, let us know in an email and we will reply back, letting you know what to do in that case.

Finally I would like to end off thanking everyone for their support of LPN and I look forward to see how the show continues to change and grow in 2015.


  1. timhedden /

    I would totally do it if I didn’t have the kids at that time.

  2. Perhaps a different Guest Co-Host each week?

    • Andang /

      Actually planning to have guests from the entries we like and then go from there.

  3. Mind Palace:
    Why apply?
    -it will be fun
    -you love the game
    -you love the podcast
    -you like the hosts
    -you write for the website

    Why not apply?
    -what if you aren’t good at it?
    -its so late at night
    -will you be able to add something positive to the podcast?
    -what if your microphone sucks
    -Italian internet speed is also not the best

    #doubt #confused #excited

  4. Mike bowden from youtube would be nice? I like him. He could bring a lot to the show. Don’t know if he wants/can.

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