Poll: What Is Your Least Favorite System?


Poll: What Is Your Least Favorite System in LOTRO?

What is your least favorite system?

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  1. Raebidus /

    I voted wrong πŸ™ I voted for most favorite…. SO My vote must be Epic Battle instead of cosmetics

  2. I chose Legendary Item because I hate that, unlike the others, I have to do it. Im looking forward to seeing it get a revamp. Right now, I have just so much disdain towards my LI’s.

  3. Legendary Item or Mounted Combat, there should be multiple choice option.

  4. Can I pick three?

  5. Goblinbane /

    LI by far.

    Idea in general was very good, but introduction was terrible. It demands lot of managing, it increases time you need to clean your bags, cause you are flooded by even more items (lotro is really bad in spamming players with loot – I have here bags a few times bigger then in swtor and still I am all the time flooded, while in swtor rarely).

    It is IMO not good when I have to spend so much time managing my weapon instead of playing.

    And last but not least – legendary weapon that we have to change every 5-10 levels is not legendary at all.

    Best are IMO cosmetics. Best solution in games I have seen giving us lot of freedom. If there were also cosmetic weapons it would be really epic.

  6. Daenelia /

    Fishing. I just don’t get it. I don’t get it. Why? Why??

    • Goblinbane /

      Well, in case of fishing you can just ignore it. It is harder to ignore terrible LI πŸ™‚

      • I have my gaming partner to do the whole LI thing. Seriously, I just scoot away from the screen and let him do it. Doesn’t seem to really make much of a difference, I think you could let a chimpansee set it and it might still come out okay.

        … You’re right then. Good thing we restarted with lowerlevel characters again. LI are a long way off…

      • Raebidus /

        HAhhahaa…. I do it the chimp way all the time. No rocket science stuff to see what is best. Like you say Daenelia, doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I hit enemies, they die and fall down. Okay in my book πŸ™‚

  7. Looking at the top five vote getters in the poll, the common element is Grind.

  8. quite telling that the two most hated systems are the ones Turbine has spent the most resources into lately developing. shame they won’t take the hint…sigh.

  9. Raebidus /

    The outcome REALLY surprises me. I thought I was the only one that hated Epic Battle. I am so glad I m not. And Mounted combat…. I also thought most people liked that. But I guess they like the warsteed, and the cosmetics on that, but not the fighting. LI on three (now) also surprises me. I kinda like the idea, but I totally agree with Goblinbane ‘And last but not least – legendary weapon that we have to change every 5-10 levels is not legendary at all.’ A legendary weapon should grow with you, get better the more you fight and the better ememies you slay, NOT by putting stuff on it you can buy in the store.

    • Goblinbane /

      I like mounted combat a lot, although I played it only on hunter and champ so far (I am leveling toons very slowly in some classes just 10-20 levels a year πŸ™‚ ). Both were good and really funny for me. Hunter is classcal horse archer and master of kiting. Champ has nice attacks that allow to finish enemy quite fast, In a few weeks I will start Rohan with my guard and as I know from kinmates that one is awfull on horse so maybe I will change my opinion, but rather slightly and will be negative about some classes and not system in general πŸ™‚

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