Poll: Do You Want To See Another LOTRO Expansion?


In 2014 we did not have an expansion for LOTRO.  Do you want to see this trend continue?  Would you rather see another expansion or would you prefer the update model?

Do you want to see another LOTRO expansion?

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  1. Goblinbane /

    I do not care to be honest. In current shape of Turbine, I will be happy if future content will appear at all. It seems to me that they have now too few people to make things like 10 lvl mind blowing expansion that will refresh the game, like it was done by Moria or Eastern Rohan. Maybe expansion would be better for the game cause it is some additional source of money. At least I know I would buy expansion.

  2. Tirian /

    I’ve voted yes, simply because expansions traditionally bring instance clusters with them. It might be a bit of forlorn hope, but it seems more likely than getting an instance cluster from the current update strategy.

  3. Amenhir /

    I said yes simply because the expansion model gives them a greater amount of time to add polish to the product. It is nice to get larger updates throughout the year but they were able to do that with areas like Great River and Wildermore.

  4. I voted yes, but I cannot think of another expansion worthy area beyond Gondor. I thought that by taking a break from expansions 2014, they’d give us a Gondor expansion from Belfalas to Anduin. They kind of are doing that, but in smaller installments. Hopefully, we’ll look back at Gondor and it’s as satisfying as Rohan from Stangard to Helm’s Deep. They gave us a lot of Rohan, hopefully Gondor will eventually be as expansive. Maybe a expansion campaign into Ruhn, Harad?

  5. I missed the excitement of having an expansion this year.

    But I guess we’re now running into story that is going to have them scratching their heads about how to even do it at all. How do they do the Pelennor Fields, the Last Battle, Cirith Ungol and Mordor without resorting to lots of session play and epic battles? I hope they find a way.

  6. YES…of course

    but lets hope they address some of the older issues as well…

  7. Cambruyn /

    Seems I’m one of the few “noes”. so far only one expansion offered us additional classes. The most recent update did the same. An expansion nets us a handfull of zones only slightly bigger in size than what an update offers.Expansions gave us skirmishes, mounted combat, trait trees, … none of which I’m a real fan of.
    So no, i’ll stick to the updates which come free for VIPs.

    Doesn’t mean I’d pass on a good expansion though.

  8. No expansions please! The new zones are repetitive, a work of copy and paste around NPCs and cities. This game needs a lot of effort to remove new bugs, Rohan still awful, the war horses show bizarre responses with so many players… is time to of a good academy, LOTRO is a good game, but is in bad shape, fat and slow, unimaginative.

    Better a chunk of 2015 for fixes with the game, servers and all, that huge checklist with things to resolve from the last 10 years.

    Later improve the textures, the characters, renew the instances and bring more raids.

    Mordor has to happen with a less aged mind set, not only a bunch of large areas with few news and a bunch of the same things… to see a ugly Sauron inside some lazy instance event.

  9. Parneto /

    We want to see this game redone. Lotro followed the language of players with decent challenges to the expansion of Isengard (lvl 75). After that the game became very low level, with the mechanical failure and only focusing on casual players …

    Rohan was a disaster … Erebor ….. do not even have to talk about.

    Will say that Erebor was even necessary? Marketing ridiculous to follow the Hobbit movies. We can not call raids that stuff that came bundled with Erebor.

    Mines of Moria (50) to Isengard (75) was what brought Lotro best for their players. After that, it seems that there was a great relaxation of your staff..o game was put into neglect.

    Where are the raids ??? The 3-man and 6-man attractive, like those of Dol Guldur?

    Expansions and updates terrible has appeared 2012 until today …

  10. Gelvos /

    Well, price wise no. Content wise yes. I would like an Mordor expansion and not a pack, plus the Battle of the Black Gate.

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