Steeds on Special Offer!



      • Journey through Middle-earth in style on all

        9 class mounts!

        All Class Mounts Pack includes the following:

        • Steed of the Hunter

        • Steed of the Guardian

        • Steed of the Rune-keeper

        • Steed of the Warden

        • Steed of the Lore-master

        • Steed of the Minstrel

        • Steed of the Burglar

        • Steed of the Champion

        • Steed of the Captain


        All items will be delivered to every character on your account. Please visit

        [] for more detailed descriptions and screenshots.


  1. Tinybel /

    Hmmm I never realized these packs are account wide. I’m pretty tempted.

    • Lilikate Buggins /

      Tiny did you watch my video?
      Theres one steed not in the sale!

      • Tinybel /

        Oops no I actually missed the Video! You’re right there is a horse missing!
        But can you imagine what that would cost ? Especially if they put some wheels on it 😛

      • Tinybel /

        Seriously though does the hobby horse even exist ? I’ve never ever seen one.

      • Lilikate Buggins /

        It’s something you can get from the Yule Fest Box, it was also in the store a few years back for 5000tp or something stupid like that.
        I found one last year on an alt… but guess what? It’s Bound! That’s no fun for Lilikate!

      • Tinybel /

        Boo it sucks if you get bound stuff for alts:P
        Hmmm I’m feeling lucky this year I could use a hobby horse for stage diving!

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