LOTRO Store Sales 11/14/14 – 11/20/14

 Free Sample Of The Week November 14th – 20th
Scroll of Combination x1 Use Coupon Code RELCOM 1/Account

Quest Packs

vip_button_small_en 20% Off 595-795 476-636

Drac Says – Yes! Yes! Yes! ALWAYS good to see this on sale! Thumbs_Up-Custom

Mithril Coins

20% Off 50-2000 40-1600

Drac Says – I don’t pay for these, but to each there own meh_red-Custom1

100% XP Boost (1hr)

20% Off 150-600 120-480

Drac Says – I would not bother buying these, get em from Hobbit presents Thumbs_Down-Custom

Max Morale & Power Scroll

20% Off 15-225 12-180

Drac Says – No.. Just No… Thumbs_Down-Custom


  1. Waiting for an expansion sale for Mirkwood….so nothing here I want!

    • Oh and I think the free gift, LI relic combination scroll (which increases chance of getting a critical relic combination and ergo more relics when combining em…) is for LV50+ players only that is a big MEH 🙁

  2. Not bad if you want to own more quest packs or want them for your second, third accounts 😛

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