Update 15 Release Notes


Update 15 launches today, and with it has come its own set of patch notes. This is largely the same as from BR, but I will point out the major features and anything I find interesting below:

Major Features

  • Beorning class
  • Epic Story Volume IV, Book 2: The Dawnless Day
  • New level 100 zone: Central Gondor
  • New solo/duo offensive Epic Battle: Retaking Pelargir(with fellowship option coming soon)

Curious Additions

  • We have added a new character chat restriction: All new free characters must wait 3 hours of in-game time before they will be able to use world chat and all user created chat channels (such as glff). All other channels will be available to them. Once players have reached this three hour time limit, they will need to relog in order to then join the chat channels. Please note: This change ONLY affects free players and all times and restrictions are subject to change.
  • You should now be able to complete the Fangorn (Quieting) daily quests up to five times a day, even if you did some of them while the daily limit was set to 1.


  1. >>>Relic Removal Scrolls will now remove the Crafted Relics just like all the other kinds.

    Me likey.

  2. Bruthvo /

    Rejoice for Eaves of Fangorn map fix!


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