Poll: Will You Buy The Beorning?


With the price of the Beorning class recently confirmed to be 1000 Turbine Points, will you buy the Beorning?

Will you buy the Beorning class at 1000 Turbine Points?

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  1. I haven’t really had anything substantial to spend my lifetime VIP Turbine Points on for about a year now. I’ll probably buy the 1295 TP class and character slot bundle, but it’s no big sacrifice for me. I’m not spending “real” money on it.

    I think another interesting question would be, “Will you purchase more Turbine Points to spend on new features in Update 15?”

  2. Realistically I’m never going to get any new char I start now up to the cap ever again, and most likely not even as far as 40. By which point I I’ll still be well short of maxing out even one trait tree. So much as I find playing the different classes interesting, it’s a stretch to pay $10 to give one a go for such a short time and without even getting to see the true capabilities of what it can do.

    If there was a combo of class + insta-level-100, I might be tempted.

    Like a lot of attractive gaming stuff these days I find it exciting in principle, but I know in practice it’s basically just a waste of my money buying things I won’t get around to playing.

  3. Southi /

    I will definitely buy it at some point, but will most likely wait until it goes on sale. I’ve already hit max level with every class except RK (and could have on that would but left him at 94 and 1/2 for now) so I don’t see much issue with playing another. After all the journey is the biggest adventure for me and i am not overly fond of all my toons being stuck at/near max level.

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