LOTRO Players Adventures Episode 35: Warg Podiatrist, M. D.


This week we start and complete the Mirkwood skirmishes.


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“Make sure everyone donates this week to the Lotro Players Extra Life campaign.  All donators to my charity will become in-game NPCs in the upcoming Lotro Players RPG that I will be making live on a 24 hour stream starting Friday Oct 24th in the evening.  Also all donators will have a DLC code to unlock super-fun mode:

  • Instant kill ‘holy hand grenades’
  • Ability to write graffiti on specific walls and surfaces in the game
  • If I have time, cosmetic outfits, and maybe a skirmish…
  • Unlocks me singing several of the songs in the game terribly, including the recently recorded ‘Welcome to the Braxwood‘.  Braxwolf can comment on this: he heard it already

Yes-this is pay to win before you ask.

Lastly: if you are on the fence on whether to donate to my cause or Pineleaf’s…do it for the kids and donate to mine. He will just skirmish his away ha ha.

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