Community Events: 22nd to 28th September.


Welcome to another Community Events post.  This post is a list of all known player run events planned for this week.

If you have an event and would like to have it included in this list please email or leave a comment, or you can always send me an in game letter to Lilikate on Landroval.


This weeks featured event:

Festival of Light, Landroval 9.00 to late in the night. See Monday’s section for full details.

Monday 22nd September

Name: Ales and Tails.

Server: Landroval

Time: 8.00pm-9.o0pm ( Time Change to accommodate the Festival of Light Event).

Location: Girdley Island.

Name: Symphony of Light V

Server: Landroval

Time: 9.00pm to Late

Location: Starting at Brandywine Bridge, Concert location Rivendell.


Free Peoples of Middle-earth

Let not the shadows from afar darken you spirits!

Join in an celebration of the most honorable Hobbit, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, late of the Shire, and let dread of these dark times be driven away by an epic excellent display of fireworks and music!

Special appearance by “Bilbo Baggins!”

Sons of Numenor invite all of Landroval and the LOTRO community to join them for the third “Symphony of Light” in Rivendell, September 22. Activities begin 9 p.m. EST, and continue through the evening.

The first Symphony of Light featured a landmark display of over 450 fireworks set-off in a continuous barrage. The Symphony of Light V will feature over 10,000 fireworks launched by hand! (No bots and tools) Watch as Sons of Numenor strikes a blow against Ozone Oppression and celebrates the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in music and light!

Schedule of events

Escorted travel from Stock to Rivendell.
9 p.m., Brandywine Bridge, Stock in The Shire.
– The Sons of Numenor will provide mounted escort to all Free Peoples wishing to attend, in a slow walk from the Brandywine, to Rivendell. Also, an open fellowship will be provided for all those wishing to join us, either at Stock or along the way.

Concert of Special Magnificence.
10 p.m., Rivendell
– A rolling concert of Landroval’s most noted musical talents, lasting through the duration of the fireworks display. Special guest appearence by “Bilbo Baggins!”

“Symphony of Light”
The start of the first night-cycle after the escort arrives.
– Located at the prominent rock, below the Last Homely house, Sons of Numenor will commence the most epic display of fireworks seen in Middle-earth, to celebrate the birthday of Bilbo Baggins. The display will last 45 minutes or more, and will feature music and dancing throughout.

Afterparty –
11 p.m…ish., The Hall of Fire
– Strum a lute, play a flute, join with group for an open-mic gathering of music and fellowship in The Hall of Fire.

Other activities……

Swig and Trivia: The online LOTRO and Tolkien Trivia battle!

Special appearance by “Bilbo” Baggins. The esteemed old Hobbit, as portrayed by a member of Sons of Numenor, will mingle about the crowd as the evening progress’.

Ale and Pipeweed for all! – Sons of Numenor will be providing ample pipe fodder and Ale for those desiring of it.

Role Playing and Fellowship. – As always, there are no obligations to do so, all are welcome. However all those who enjoy fellowship and role playing are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere.


How to find the events…….
An open fellowship will be provided to provide people with a means to be summoned to the event, and to join any “layer” that generates due to the crowd. Members of Sons of Numenor will be in the Regional chat channel to assist in Rivendell.

I am coming from another server, or I am rolling a new Alt character, how do I make it to the event?

Easy! Our formation ride from the Golden Perch pub in The Shire, makes way through Bree, the Lone Lands, and the Troll Shaws! Join us along the way for safe travel! If you are high enough a level, hunters and captains can also summon!

When will the show start?
The music will begin at 10, regardless. The fireworks look best at night, and we will start the show no earlier than 10 p.m. EST, but only at the start of the nearest Night Cycle to that time. However we know that the show will end by 12 a.m. EST, come what may.

How long will the fireworks show last……
The show is expected to last as long as 45 minutes.

Can I play music?
There will be an open-mic “afterparty” in the Hall of Fire. All are welcome to take a number and play in-turn!

Can I fire my own fireworks?
We would appreciate it, for this event, if you NOT join us on the “rock.” Please mark your calendars for the annual “October Surprise” party in Thorins hall, which we welcome all to fire away with glee!

Contact “Comstrike” here in the forums, or “Benjimir” in-game.

Name: Elevenses

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 11.00pm-12.30am

Location: The Bird and Baby Inn.

Tuesday 23rd September

Name: Green Hill Music Society

Server: Landroval

Time: 10.00pm-11.00pm

Location: Beer Garden the Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving.

Wednesday 24th September

Name: Eldar Music Night

Server: Eldar

Time: 2.00pm

Location: The Prancing Pony Stage, Bree.

Name: Maidens of Vanimore

Server: Landroval

Time: 8.00pm

Location: Bree Park

Thursday 25th September

Name: Bird and Baby Yard Party

Server: Laurelin

Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm BST  2.30pm- 4.oopm EDT

Location: Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving.

The Bird and Baby staff hosts a weekly yard party at the inn, ending “when the last guest leaves”. Contact: Bilbeto, Bird and Baby Staff.

Name: Concerning Hobbits – Party Time

Server: Landroval

Time: 8.30pm to 10.00pm

Location: Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving.

The parties feature games, music, pies, light RP, and prizes. Party games (which rotate out week-to-week) include the Bad Joke Contest, Hot Tater, Hide-a-Hobbit, Drunken Backwards Racing, and more.

Name: Eriador Music Society

Server: Landroval

Time: 10.30pm – 11.30pm

Location: The Green near the large Statue, Michel Delving.

Friday 26th September

Name: Die Meisterbaden Von Bree

Server: Vanyar

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Location: Bree Auction House

Name: Green Dragon Friday

Server: Laurelin

Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm (8.oopm to 10.00pm BST)

Location: The Green Dragon Inn, Bywater.

Name: A Rock and a Hard Place (Weatherstock Winners)

Server: Dwarrowdelf

Time: 4.00pm -5.00pm

Location: West Gate, Bree Town.

Name: Bread and Jam

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 9.00pm

Location: The Prancing Pony Inn, Bree Town.

“Bread and Jam” – Takes over The Prancing Pony.  Join us for music, dancing, light RP and storytelling.

Name: The Just Abby’s (The Just KrAbby’s)

Server: Landroval

Time: 9.30pm – 11.00pm

Location: Pierson’s Farm, South Bree.

Saturday 27th September

Name: The Breakfast Club

Server: Crickhollow 

Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Location: South Bree, Near Stable Master.

Name: Under The Sunlit Sky

Server: Landroval

Time: 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Location: Bree, Prancing Pony.

Name: LOTRO Players Adventures

Server: Landroval

Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Location: Middle Earth.

Send a “/tell” to Stafdang to group up and experience raid content!

Name: Animal House

Server: Landroval

Time: 9.00pm to 12.00am

Location: Prancing Pony Stables

Sunday 28th September

Name: Bards Beers and Long Beards

Server: Landroval

Time: 12.00am

Location: Prancing Pony Inn, Bree.

Name: Elevenses

Server: Crickhollow

Time: 11.00am to 1.00pm EDT

Location: Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving.

Name: The Andune Ensemble 

Server: Landroval

Time: 3.00pm

Location: Bree Stage.

Name:  No Whole Bard “Movie Tunes”

Server: Elendilmir

Time: 7.00am 

Location: Bree Stage.

Name: Les Beaux Chapeaux

Server: Landroval

Time: 10,00pm – 11.30pm

Location: 4 Myrtle Ct, Treegarth, Shire Homesteads.


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