Lilikate’s Creatures: Beastly Biters of Western Gondor


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This is the third and final part of my Western Gondor Lilikate’s Creatures Series. When I began to look about the lands of this region many of the Animals would try and taste hobbit. I am very good at running fast and this saved me from sticky situations.

Here is what I have discovered while exploring:


In the northern lands of Western Gondor are many Bears! The Blackroot Bear is a normal bear but These Brown Frenzied Bears are crazy! They tried to bite me when I went to say hello! Here he is, just before I decided to turn tail and hot-foot it back to Morlad.

More trouble with Bears! This time we have itchy Bears with scratches on them. I have a feeling something is making these Bears hurt themselves. Maybe some plucky adventurers can solve this riddle and help these creatures.

These Lions can be found in several areas of Western Gondor. Hunting local prey they can hide easily in the long grass, until ready to pounch. I had to sprint away from several of these creatures.

These creatures were making trouble for the local residents of Dinadab. I also found out that they can breathe fire! Sharp describles many things about this animal. The teeth, the prickles on it’s back, the tail and also the stinky attitude. They are very quick to attack passing Hobbits!

These War Hounds are vicious and mean. Known to folks in the area as cruel. I was unable to pass one of these creatures without having to fight or flee.

One of the most interesting creature of this area is the Shore Turtle! I think they may have an issue with people as they are super aggressive. I wanted to get a good picture of them close up. In doing so this Turtle knocked me clean off my feet!

By far the most impressive creature in this land is this HUGE green turtle! He is just amazing! The folks back home will never believe I saw this animal. I am not sure what could be better than this! Just amazing!









  1. That giant turtle’s bad breath is the worst!

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