ZAM LOTRO Starter Pack Giveaway

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UPDATE [9/16]: The giveaway has ended, no keys left to claim


ZAM is currently offering a free LOTRO starter pack as part of a giveaway. The duration of this giveaway will be dependent on remaining keys available.

By creating or logging into your ZAM account, you are able to redeem for a code that can be applied to your account via the Turbine account management page.

Your starter pack will include:

  • Chestnut Steed & Riding Skill
  • 100% Experience Boost x1
  • Universal Healing Potion x5
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Armor: Masterwork Breastplate
  • Skill and Slayer Deed Boost x1

From what I was able to tell, you will receive a box containing these goodies on every current and new character created on that account. The armor was not dyeable. The addition of the riding trait (usable once you leave the intro and attain the Novice trait) plus a steed is a great boon to new players, in addition to the other goodies included.


Contents of the ZAM starter pack (thanks to Fredelas for the pic)

You can head on over to the ZAM LOTRO starter pack giveaway page here, either log in or create an account, and redeem for your own starter pack code. Once they run out keys, the giveaway will likely end, so don’t wait!


  1. Funkyus /

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Cambruin /

    Aye, much appreciated! Allthough as a VIP i always go for the riding quest. Eventhough it’s not the least bit challenging, I somehow like it’s “flow”. 🙂

    Is this a boost applicable to every character, old and new?

    • Cambruin /

      Ugh, old and new. Got it. Where’s that edit button? :p

      • Yes, it appears to be the case that you’ll receive it on every character, old and new, on the account on which you used the code. I logged into a current character after inputting the code, and had the box waiting for me. Afterwards, I created a new character, loaded into intro Archet, and had the box of goodies waiting in my inventory.

      • I can’t get it to work. It tells me that the code is not valid for use. Do I have to be a VIP?

  3. Sucamarto /

    How do you use the code at the LOTRO Store, what do you search for?

    • The code you’ll receive from ZAM is not used in the LOTRO Store. After getting your code, you’ll need to head over to the Turbine account site ( ), log in (should be using the same details you use to log into LOTRO), and after logging in you’ll see an area to place a Product Key. Copy/paste the code from ZAM into this space, and proceed.

      After doing so, you should start seeing the box on every current and future LOTRO character once you log in to LOTRO.


  4. Mzrts12 /

    account wide riding skill! sweet!

  5. Very very sweet deal 🙂 Been wanting to get riding skill on all alts before I cancelled my sub! Now I have riding skill and er well cancelled my subscription.

    This is no way reflective on any lessening of my love for LOTRO more to do with any real benefits of being VIP combined with fact that I OWN expansions already and most of the areas…

    I also like contributing some real brass to help support the game I play but financial conditions in Argentina the way they are and the sneaky Argy bank that charges external dollar purchases with +35% and at time of repayment conversion exchange rate of USD (it rises and risesas the peso falls) which was slightly upsetting to my wife last month!

  6. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this! =)


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