LOTRO Poems #7


Hello Friends!

Welcome to the 7th edition of LOTRO Poems! This week the Casual Raiders did Barad Guldur raid. It was awesome to do it again after a long time. So the Treasure Hunt started, did you guys get any cave-claws yet? I haven’t checked it out yet but I am planning on doing it tonight. I have just been so busy levelling up my alts and playing with different trait sets. The often neglected yellow trait line on a burglar is so fun. 

So how great was ‘Ode to Pineleaf’ on last week’s LPN! Loved it! This week is a continuation on my poem ‘Estel’. Read part 1 before you start this. Last time we met Aragorn, he had just realised that Arwen was an elf and he was just a man, she was an immortal and so high in stature. Let’s see how the story progresses.




Hopeless, gaunt and grim, I left,

With Anduril, flame of the west,

Fought alongside men of Rohan and Gondor,

And slew orcs, goblins, trolls, Corsairs and more,

I helped Gandlaf with capture of Gollum,

But Undomiel’s thoughts were never num,

Then fate brought me to Lorien,

After 30 long years I saw Arwen,

We met on Cerin Amroth,

We plighted our troth,

I held her hands, looked in her eyes and kissed her under a malorn tree,

But the world was changing, darkness rising, I departed to come to Bree,

In prancing pony, I found the four hobbits from shire,

I took them to weather top and told them not to light a fire,

But the fire was lit, the nazgul came,

I fought them with Anduril and burning flame,

But the witch king struck Frodo with a morgul blade,

I tried to heal him with Athelas, but he began to fade,


Hope you guys and girls enjoyed this weeks LOTRO Poem. You can check all previous editions of LOTRO Poems by clicking here. You can follow me on twitter @dgenxali. If you would like to read my non Tolkien poetry, you can checkout my blog dgenxali.wordpress.com. If you play on Brandywine server, you can find me on Estelali or Baginssis. If you want me to feature your poem, you can send it to me at legendraiderx@gmail.com. I would feature it along with your name, website and contact info.

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