LOTRO Academy: 98 – The Lieutenants


LOTRO Academy: 98 - The Lieutenants
Branick and Pineleaf offer an overview of Skirmish Lieutenants, and the best way to approach taking them down. While this episode contains useful information for every skirmisher, this is classified as an Advanced episode because some of the terminology used does presume an understanding of concepts from Beginner and Intermediate episodes. Thanks for listening.


  1. Barnabras /

    Would it be possible to post a list of the Lieutenants you discussed?

    • So first off, and additional award! “Which lieutenant wins the scariest burst DPS class nightmare award?” That award goes to…the Priest of Vengeance! I would probably also put this enemy, who places reflect auras on their allies into the Kill on Sight category. This is definitely one of the top champion and hunter killers, if not noticed properly.


      Next, here is the basic list that was provided in the episode…hopefully everything is in in order there – cheers!

      Which lieutenant wins the scariest burst DPS class nightmare award? [that lieutenant that puts out reflect auras] … [mention that I would add this lieutenant to the Kill on Sight list]

      Types of lieutenants – seven categories

      Kill on Sight (Those you want to kill first)
      -Defender of the Vile (buffs his allies until you kill him)
      -Priestess of Flame (unleashes large AoE fire)
      -Death Monger (will otherwise raise a shade of his slain allies)
      -Courage Breaker (throws bombs/effects on a player, which may spread to other fellows)
      -Dourhand Keg Master [in a group]* (places kegs on ground, which will stun players if you are in the affected area)
      -Troll Wound-taker (heals his allies, but there may be prority regular mobs, such as more powerful healer enemies)
      -Daunting Spirit-sapper (puts out a huge slowing debuff; ranged allies may be able to stand outside aura and attack)

      Interrupt or Die (Those you want to interrupt their abilities)
      -Tempest of Flame (can activate a channeling skill that puts out a heavy fire dot)
      -Hulking Pounder (beelines for a skirmish soldier, then goes into induction to one-shot a soldier, and if successful will disable everyone from controlling their soldiers)
      -Venemous Blood-Arrow (interrupt induction if possible…if not, afflicted ally should use curative)
      -Frigid Squall (try a stun if possible, as hard to tell its induction – if it blows up, it can cause heavy damage to you or defensive NPCs)
      -Shepherd of Filth (again, try a stun if possible, as splash from adds can cause a nasty debuff

      Can’t Catch Me! (Those you want to kite)
      -Bloodrook (receives buff from enemies nearby, kite or CC away from group if possible)
      -Daywalker Berserker (starts off with a invulnerability shield for 20s, kite or use CC during that period)
      -Leadfoot Brute (deals VERY heavy damage, but are very slow enemies, so you will want to kite)
      -Brothers of Destruction (groups of ogres; kite them while DPS focus fires on the same one, once that one drops, they will all drop)

      Use those Potons (Have and utilize your curative potions, or use your skills that clear curable debuffs)
      -Venemous Blood-Arrow (if can’t interrupt, pot the debuff)
      -Chaos Fiend (again, clear your pottable debuffs)
      -Brood Queen (not life-risking, but clearing your debuff will avoid spiderlings spawning)
      ~Some lieutenants may have secondary effects that could be cleared if you have the curables, but are not as essential as those above

      Save for Last (Those you do not want to touch until everything else is dead)
      -Echo of Death (attacking them will give you a 100% damage boost debuff from melee and ranged attackers, attacking it alone is fine)
      -Zealot of Pain (attacking him will cause him to give a damage buff to his allies; he can do this 3x)
      ~Wretched Falconer (have no choice but to likely save him for last, he starts off only losing morale when summoning birds, invulnerability drops at low morale)

      Just another Bad Guy (Not atypical enemies, nothing too special)
      -Rage of Morgoth (doesn’t seem to have anything special that a drake wouldn’t have)
      -Dreadwing Marauder (pretty forgettable attacks, pretty regular morrevail)

      Special Case (Don’t really associate with other categories; unique lieutenants)
      -Wretched Falconer (as seen in “Save for Last” category; use aoes on him if possible to take out multiple birds)
      -Flesh Gorger (becomes more powerful when “eating” friends..only appears in 3 skirmishes – Siege of Gondamon, Ford of Bruinen, Rescue at Nurz Ghashu)
      -Silent Slayer (has the ability to occasionally go into stealth)
      -Emissary of War (has a damage invulnerability shield, but lays down a yellow debuff around a party member…if Emissary is in that yellow shield, it will pick up the debuff, allowing you to damage him – bunch up fellows if possible so you don’t have to run around to get Emissary into yellow circle)
      ~Dourhand Stormkeeper [in a group] (destroy his runestones when he lays them down)

  2. davidt /

    My hunters handle Daywalker Berserkers quite handily with Bard’s Arrow.


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