Poll: Have you read a book by Tolkien?


We are interested if our audience has read the books that inspired LOTRO.

So, Have you read a book by Tolkien?

Which zone most needs a revamp?

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  1. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Many many times 😀 .

  2. Maybe we need a “Have you played LOTRO?” poll as well. 🙂

  3. dgenxali /

    all of them many many many times

  4. Elyse /

    Many though I’m currently rereading Unfinished Tales again and the Book of Lost Tales pt 1 🙂

  5. Lady Ziribella /

    “a” book. LOL

  6. Tuz Seaghdha /

    Started reading them in 1973 and have read all including the Book of lost Tales, Unfinished Tales and the Silmarillion, at lest once a year, every year, since then. As Frodo instructed Sam at their last parting, ‘so we never forget’.

  7. Tinybel /

    Well I read the Lord of the rings books and the hobbit fully, I must admit I’m a bit stuck on the silmarillion.

    Oh and I voted who because I liked the answer 😛

    • Rabbitses Starkfoot /

      Having trouble with Silmarillion?

      Look up The Tolkien Professor. Dr. Corey Olsen teaches Tolkien related classes and has recordings of them on his website. You can read the Silmarillion and have chapter by chapter lectures that really enhance your understanding of the book and it’s a lot of fun! The Silmarillion is just as good as Hobbit/Lotr!


      • Tinybel /

        Thanks I’ll check that out 😀

      • Barnabras /

        I would also recommend the JRR Tolkien audio collection. It is a 4 cd set with Tolkien reading portions of the Hobbit (with gollum voice) Lord of the Rings and the adventures of Tom Bombadil. Also included is Christofer Tolkien reading (2 discs I think) sections of the Silmarillion. I love this portion, he sounds very much like his dad and it makes the material more accesible.

      • Madeline Ehrman /

        The Silmarillion is a wonderful book if you come to it without expecting it to be a novel like LotR or The Hobbit. It’s great background for understanding the elves, early humans, and the relations between the Ainur (Valar and Maiar) and the Children of Eru (elves, humans, and by adoption dwarves). It’s also a good way to learn about Sauron and his boss Morgoth.

    • Andang /

      Yeah Dr. Corey Olsen is awesome and so is the podcast!

  8. Melitot /

    Another interesting one would be which Tolkien books people have read (if you can do multi-select polls that is).

  9. Skoti /

    Yes! Actually my family teases and makes a big deal when I’m reading something other than Tolkien.


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