LOTRO Academy: 95 – The Lost Hobnanigans Episode


LOTRO Academy: 95 - The Lost Hobnanigans Episode
At last the origins of Detestable Us are revealed in the lost Episode 95 of LOTRO Academy. It’s our review of Hobnanigans, the sport that almost was. Thanks for listening.


  1. Barnabras /

    I enjoyed the episode. Nothing like Branick passionatly arguing his point with total conviction, to three people that are completely indifferent.

    By the way, does Myst live in a Aviary? How does she keep the sabertooth from eating the birds? Sounds like an origin story to me, these things just write themselves.

    I am in complete agreement with Branick. Who can relate to an elf? “Everything was so much better in the first age. I’m so depressed and I can’t even die, which makes me more depressed. The evil was way more evil back then, now…Sauron? Please, he’s a joke. We used to hang out with the gods, that was awesome, now I have to listen to Rhadagast.” Who would want to hang out with that guy?

  2. While I typically enjoy the Academy this one was pretty hard to listen to without yelling frustration.

    Firstly, as Drac said a number of times, “You’re reading too much into this.” Hobnanigans isn’t meant to be an ‘e-sport’, its a semi-frequent festival like the Treasure Hunt, and to a lesser degree, the Shipwrecked Mariner. Creating a uniformed, team based system would be a very, very difficult undertaking as nothing like it currently exists in LOTRO. It isn’t designed to be a fully fledged e-sport and shouldn’t be compared to one.

    Secondly, I disagree with the idea of it being turned on all the time. Exclusivity is a pretty basic concept of marketing and game design which the discussion overlooked. If Winter-home was turned on all year round it’d be a ghost town, not the awesome busy and active area it is during the festival. If Hobnanigans was turned on all year round players would visit it for a week and then forget about it, turning it into a ghost town and making forming a group impossible. Having the event on for a limited time is the only way to get the critical mass of players needed to make it possible to form groups.

    Thirdly, Turbine said that every field is its own ‘zone’ or ‘area’, so lag from other fields shouldn’t affect you. If there is lag its mostly at your own end.

    Having said that, there was some good points raised, and good to see the Academy team back together again.

  3. Well, I’ve finally listened to this, and really wish I had done so sooner. It was great to hear how the “Detestable Us” began, and I now have a fuller understanding or just what is happening with the group.

    Should it become active again, I’d enjoy joining you guys for another adventure! Sincerely, Silverlode’s provider of Cake-toppers, You-in-a-boxes, and other terrible outfits as needed.


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