LOTRO Academy: 97 – LOTRO Players (Reprise)


LOTRO Academy: 97 - LOTRO Players (Reprise)
Branick, Pineleaf, and Draculetta are joined again by the founder of LOTRO Players, Andang, to discuss the growth of the premier LOTRO community website. Thanks for listening.


  1. Nice! I made my decision to send a writing sample to Andang after hearing him on the 1st “LOTRO Players” Academy episode. Great to hear a follow-up. Certainly has been fun to see the site grow, and look forward to many more years of great LOTRO content!

    • My background basically echoes Brax’, ’cause I’m a copywolf like that. It was also a way to embellish on my rep guide – which I originally had posted a simplified version on an old kin’s forum, re-edited for Academy’s, then did a huge edit to add more and split it up into various articles for LP.

      Been a great time seeing all the content creators for LP, and am happy to be a part of this awesome community. Viva la LOTRO Players!

  2. Barnabras /

    Come on Andang, don’t give up, the Moors need you! PvmP is very hit and miss. You can spend 2 hours there and have the best time ever, or you can be bored out of your mind. More players = more fun.

    • Andang /

      I will definitely return if there is a new map or any significant changes.

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Hi, Great LP Update podcast.
    I remember being emailed by Andang while I was still in shock after hearing that CSTM were going to retire. I was sold immediately by the premise of different content creators coming together in one hub to share their creative/news endeavours. My creatures series is perhaps only slightly more famous than the reputation of my wifi.

    I have to thank Andang and the LP crew for putting up with my non conventional style. Here is to many more years of good ideas and bloopers!

  4. I blame Mysteri for being here….

  5. Ethelros /

    It was Ivan that originally got me into podcasting, so I guess you can blame him for unleashing my brand of mild gloom upon the internet.


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