Dress to Impress – The Wash Day Dress.


Welcome to the second instalment of Dress to Impress. A series of articles which take a very close look at the cosmetic dress options in LOTRO.

In this series I will be assisted by a pair of lovely daughters, who will be offering their own opinion of the dresses.

Today we look at the Wash Day Dress.

Available at the cosmetic item trader in Skirmish Camps. The cost is 75 Skirmish Marks and 3 Medallions. Or you can find a pal who would let you put it in your Wardrobe for the cost of a hearty thank you.

It’s bind on equip, so watch that mouse control if you have burrowed this item from a pal.

Here is the Wash Day Dress with default colouring. This is the same as the “white” dye. It looks more lilac! Maybe it’s been in the wash with the purples!

Here we can clearly see the dyeable portions of the dress from the back and side views.

The collage is a helpful way to see all the different dye options. A click will make this image larger.

Lizzy and I chose our favourite dyes, added accessories then went to find somewhere nice for a screen shot. We will add Alesel’s at a later date.

I really liked this shot of the washing on the Scholar’s Stair in Bree Town.

I chose Sienna to dye my dress with. I liked the earthy tones of the garment. This dress is suited for all those tasks like cleaning out the Stables and Grooming the Ponies. I paired it with a flower garland, but a skull cap would be just as fitting.

Lizzy opted for dying her dress Rose, she matched it with a farmers hat also dyed Rose. Choosing a scene where she is delivering a pie to the festival at the Party Tree. A good choice for the Hobbit baker.

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