Where’s Tinki? – Suri-kyla.


Hullo Tinki Minions,

Last time we were searching for Tinki at Hrimbarg, in The Misty Mountains.

Answers from Where’s Tinki? – Hrimbarg.

Easy – Emoting the Snow Wizard, bottom right of the screen.

Medium – Balancing on the top of the rock, middle of the screen.

A Challenge – Performing /Snow Wizard behind the small Pine Tree in the Group of three trees. Tinki’s arm is just visiable if you stare and stare at it for ages at full zoom!


This is Tinki.


This week Tinki is hiding somewhere in Suri-kyla.

Remember! Please think of others before leaving the answers in the comments.

This week we go back to the usual method of Tinki spotting, easy, medium and a challenge. One of these should keep you looking for a while 🙂

Answers on the next Where’s Tinki.






The Challenge






  1. gennyrose /

    The challenge has me stumped!

    • Need some help for the challenge? I’ll give you a hint. Tinki is in the challenge picture. And you’re welcome 🙂

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