Poll: What Do You Like Most From The July 14th Producer’s Letter?


On July 14th another Producer’s Letter was released giving more information about what players can expect from the rest of the year.  We want to know what you liked most from the letter.

What do you like most from the July 14th Producer’s Letter?

How would you rate Update 18?

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  1. I could have said Beornings, but landscape and story expansions always excite me. When Turbine made the horrible choice not to share details on the Helm’s Deep expansion, I was enraged. I liken details to the an unopened gift. You know it’s there and you know you will be able to open it some time in the future. Details like that also give you hope that there is a future to the game and something to look forward to.

  2. I’m glad the cap won’t be going up again so I can take my time getting good gear and enjoying it for a while before it becomes obsolete.

    For the same reason LI changes will be welcome.

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I also picked the no 2nd level cap rise this year. I really would like a bit of time to catch up to the cap before it zooms off to Minas Tirith!

    My second choice would have been the 2 Beorning options.

    • Goblinsbane /

      More time??? I am leveling slowly and still I made 100 a few days ago. IMO second cap level could be even today. Waiting almost a year for another rise… For me that means leaving Lotro for many months.

      It was really such a problem for so many people to resign from getting top gear now and to wait a few months for 105 and then get best possible gear? Seriously you need to have all the time mega super duper gear?? I am still running with 95 SA bow, 90 TA mace and 95 stilletto. Most of armor is 95 and I still do not die in one second… It is a shock for me that a 2-3 prc higher stats are so important for many people, lol. What the difference between 3300 and 3400 of main stat?

      IMO you just ruined end of the year in Lotro. It is July and there is already nothing to wait for till next spring/summer…

      • Lilikate Buggins. /

        Access to LOTRO for me is restricted, when I do play I divide my time between questing and “messing about”.

        Yes I would like some more time but I am one single player, and I really doubt I personally ruined LOTRO for this year.

        For me, it is not about Gear or Stats, it is about time to read and enjoy the story.

      • Obviously if your only goal is to reach level cap you’re going to be upset that they’re not raising level cap. However, many people play LOTRO for other reasons. I actually know more people who are upset when the level cap does rise than people who are upset when it doesn’t.

        Personally, I like leveling, but raising the cap several times in one year does start to feel like a bit much, and it nullifies the purpose of the “end game” for the previous region. I certainly haven’t spent any time in Hytbold since Helm’s Deep dropped. If no level cap increase means they can go back and do some other things right (which I believe the Beornings at level 1 and LI tweaks are), then I’m all for it.

      • Goblinsbane /

        Dear Lilikate, you can still have fun in this region after another cap rise. I remade North Downs and Misty 2 months ago, Evendim one month ago.

        Braxwolf. Endgame??? For you it is funny to make those repeatables in Dol Amroth whole year? Cause for me not.

        I am sorry, I don’t want to hurt anyone, but for me change of that plans was very, very sad information. Even made me somewhat angry. For whole year nothing to do with my top toon, and nothing new, because for me there is no point to play in the new region (Central Gondor) while I am on cap (I know I would need that XP when there will be next level cap rise and I prefer leveling through questing).

        I was waiting for playing in Pelargir, and now it was for me moved many months further… I am really sad.

      • Baldigar /

        Keep in mind Wildermore is/was designed for 1 level, 85. Enedwaith was designed for 65, and Great river for 75 (both were changed, but not for a while). Yes, these can provide viable leveling options for players, give or take a few levels, but they were originally designed as new content without raising the level cap, with intentions to be modified later to give other leveling opportunities. Why is this any different than Central Gondor being for 1 level, 100? Not to mention, West Gondor’s quests really only get you to 98 or 99, so a normal, new player will need the XP from Central Gondor to get to level 100. The point is, non-level-cap-raising areas have worked in the past as good content that was played and enjoyed. This shouldn’t be different.

        Not sure if this will change your mind, and correct me if my facts are wrong, but this choice doesn’t seem unprecedented. Were you not here when these areas came out, or did you take a break with them too?

      • I’m cool if your only goal is to level to cap. A lot of people play that way, and like I said – I like the feeling of leveling as well. Probably my favorite part of the game. But how long do you really think an extra five levels will keep you occupied if that’s all you have to do for the rest of the year?

        There are so many other aspects of this game that will keep me busy. The Dol Amroth stuff, yeah, but also I’m pretty sure I don’t have any virtues past level 16. I’ve got a 95 LM and a 60 champ I’m interested in leveling, and the Beorning class is being released with u15. Also, I’m involved in the community. For me, it’s not a matter of having too little to do, it’s a matter of not having enough time to do everything I’d like to!

      • Goblinsbane /

        @Baldigar, I left them too and bought for free TP in last December

      • Goblinsbane /

        @Braxwolf, I have virtues at 18-20. Have most of reputation horses, some strange deeds and so on. I have also toons on many levels to make lower regions, but in last 12 months I have played in all regions, so also no point to repeat them.

        The case is that instead of making break till end of 2014, so just a couple of months, now there will be nothing new worth playing till spring/summer 2015 (will not make Central Gordon on level cap only to see again that there is not enough quests and repetetive grind is needed to reach max lvl). So that change of plans is for me very sad news. For my current situation 2 raises a year were much funnier.

        @Baldigar, I meant Enedwaith and Great River and got them only to make alternative routes for some toons and to make some more deeds. Wildermore I will probably never buy. At least not this year.

  4. Baldigar /

    I am really looking forward to the LI changes, but I just really hope they can put enough effort into it that it is worth the investment, and it included a large enough player group, and preferably level range (whether those be to begin with, or just eventually).

    I liked everything else in the letter, but I just hope they don’t over-charge Beorning/Gift-of-the-Valar bundles.

    • To this point, a Beorning/Valar bundle is pure speculation, though it does make sense.

      • Baldigar /

        Rowan was hinting at/suggesting a bundle in the Q&A stream, though he happened to get interrupted by Sapience who was more bluntly saying Gifts of the Valar are the solution, disregarding the option of a bundle. At least Rowan is thinking about it, and hopefully a good solution comes up. Ideally a bound, modified (no MC, coin, account/unbound stuff), Gift could be made, which would be granted to all Beornings on creation.

        I already have 9 characters at level 95+… I’m not a big fan of going through old content anymore. I spend a lot of money on the game, but I don’t like making big investments into any given character, specifically not a new one.

      • Personally, I think it should be a part of the purchase, bundle or no, especially if they’re going to charge upwards of 2000TP or so (again, speculation). It would be nice to have the choice to use it on either the Beorning or another alt/toon.

    • Melitot /

      I went for the LI changes (along with the majority of others by the looks of it). The original idea was an item that would ‘grow with you’ as you play, it turned out … different.

      I’m hoping the developers come up with something that brings LI’s back that idea, rather than the mechanism we have now meaning a cherished item becomes redundant every time you advance.

      Obviously the game needs time-sinks and some form of grind to keep us occupied (and stuff in the store of course), I don’t mind that, it’s just soul-destroying having to repeatedly deconstruct and start again.

  5. Nusnogard /

    If I could pick 3, it would be LI changes, no 2nd level cap increase, and Beornings at level 1. In order of importance and how much they will affect me personally.

  6. Lilikate /

    Dear Goblin’s Bane, while your waiting for the level cap, you could come and join a band and play a little music to cheer you up! 🙂 Although rushing the music often spoils the song 😉 Just teasing!

    I doubt that which ever decision they made would have pleased everyone, I would have managed to trot along with life with the cap or without it. But my personal opinion is I prefer to have it next year. Just sorry it wasn’t to your playstyle preferences.

    Lets agree to disagree, and if you ever attend a concert swing by and say hello! Or I can take you to enjoy the Brown Bunnies!

  7. Mzrts12 /

    dunno about anyone else but is anyone bothered (even slightly) by the level cap always being in the 5s. it’s been offset since mirkwood but hopefully they can keep the lvl caps on the 10s it’ll be awesome. :p

    • Tinybel /

      I don’t I’ve started during the generation of 5s, having a 0 at the end now will be an all new experience to me! ;D

  8. I can’t tell you how happy I was to read about the LI changes. It was always a bit painful to decon a favored LI weapon and I’m looking forward to keeping my next one with me for a long time!

    Adding another level, or not doesn’t make a difference to me as I’ve no qualms about questing, deeding and exploring without gaining XP.

  9. Tinybel /

    Eh the no level cap increase is the best part for me.
    We are already at insane level numbers, no need to speed that along.

    Close second is the LI change.

  10. Amenhir /

    The removal of this years second cap raise is nice but I am most excited about the LI changes. I love a little time to get the new gear and wear it out a little bit before I have to go out and get new stuff. Last night was my first time running a t2 instance and the mobs in Iorbar’s peak went from hitting like a VW Caddy to a full on Mack truck. Thanks Turbine for giving us some wiggle room. I wouldn’t be completely against leaving lvl 100 as the max and finding new ways to progress without a cap increase. Otherwise, going from lvl 1 to 150 is going to be quite the uphill climb.

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