Dress to Impress – Common Long-Sleeved Dress.


In this series I will be looking at the various dresses available to cosmetically wear in LOTRO. I will be assisted by Lizzy and Alesel.

This first offering, the Common Long-Sleeved Dress available in the low level vendor Outfitters.

It’s very inexpensive so a great first dip into cosmetic outfitting.

Here is the dress with the default colouring, in this case “white”.

Below is a collage of all the colour options for this outfit.

Here is a video for closer inspection of these colours.

Lizzy and I chose our favourite dyes, added accessories then went to find somewhere nice for a screen shot. We will add Alesel’s at a later date.

Lizzy chose the Gold and matched it with the basket of apples and sparkler. Her head is adorned with the flower circlet dyed gold.

I chose the crimson to match the bodice, I added a straw hat to complete my “farmer’s daughter” look. I added the basket of colourful eggs and a wood lily.


  1. Andang /

    Great article Lilikate! I love this series!

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      Thanks Andang, Could you try and get the video link to embed. I had no luck 🙁

  2. Nice article – I used that dress as my mini’s first outfit, very simple and looks nice. Cool series…look forward to future cosmetic analysis!

    For the video, did you have any luck getting the embed link from YT (go to Share and then Embed…can check the box for the old embed code if you want), then pasting that in the Text tab of the post and seeing if that works?


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