Store Sales 06/27/14 – 07/03/14


Free Sample Of The Week

June 27th – July 3rd
100% XP Boost (1hr) x1
Use Coupon Code XPEP8 1/Account

Legendary Slot Unlock

  25% Off 295 221

Drac Says – I personally would not spend the TP on this, but if your into the LI system and want to level multiple go for it.. meh_red (Custom)

Legacy Tier Upgrades

  25% Off 295 221

Drac Says – I would not spend my TP on this meh_red (Custom)


   25% Off 195-795 146-596

Drac Says – Again, not worth spending your TP on..  meh_red (Custom)


Scroll of Combination

25% Off 795 596

Drac Says – Again, not worth spending your TP meh_red (Custom)

Relic Removal Scroll

25% Off 195 146

Drac Says – These drop from Hobbit presents, if you have a relic on your LI you want to save, these are worth it. Thumbs_Up (Custom)

Last Chance
Tier 9 Stat Tomes
Now – July 3rd
Limited Time:
More Inventory Space!
3 more offers.
Now – July 3rd
Buy 15 more  bag spaces (Bring your total to 120 (was 105)

Which class most needs a revamp?

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  1. Gilidie /

    Just used my last relic removal scroll so timing is awesome sauce.

  2. Having just bought one at full price am a bit disappointed…but will be needing 2 in about a week so why not 🙂

    Otherwise didn’t we have a LI sale recently…is it a closing down sale…off load stocks before they become redundant and then change LI system…we wish 🙂

  3. Scoedt /

    I’ve already voted in the poll, and now need to change my vote. And you need to change your post and poll! 15 more additional account-wide bag spaces are currently available for 325TP per 5 spaces.

  4. Scoedt /

    To clarify, this avails us of a maximum of 120 bag spaces per character now.

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