Weatherstock Tomorrow!




After a long years wait it’s time for the bands to climb that summit and battle again!

Please remember to lessen the lag by removing all cloaks, hats, weapons and other cosmetics.

Song lyrics will be in /say and /shout chat channels

Notices and public announcements will be in /regional


Here is the schedule of the days event.


11.30am – The LMB Mega Band play at the Forsaken Inn.

1.00pm – Mounted procession to Weathertop (Walking speed).

1.20pm – LMB Mega Band play while people gather at the top.

2.00pm – The Bands Play.


Under The Sunlit Sky

The Shades

The Rolling Kegs

Runic Knights Orchestra

The Breakfast Club

Die Meisterbarden Von Bree

A Rock And A Hard Place

Muckin Fuddle


The Remediators

4.30pm- LMB Mega Band Closing Set. Voting for Free Peoples Choice Award!

5.00pm – Closing Ceremonies – Winners Announced!

5.30pm – Mounted Procession to Bree



  1. Byrcha /

    Also, concert-goers will be able to vote for one of the ten bands during the 4:30-5:00 interlude, with results announced at 5:00.

  2. Nevanna /

    Some of us are feeling like it’s Christmas Eve when we were kids 😀

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