Update 14 (Build 1) Live on Bullroarer


Update 14 is now live on Bullroarer for testing! The U14 Build 1 patch notes can be read here. Information on downloading the Bullroarer client can be found here.

Please note that all patch notes and changes are PRELIMINARY AND NON-FINAL, and anything is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Of Special Note

RUNE KEEPERS PLEASE NOTE: We’re removing the Rune-keeper skills “Vivid Imagery, Break the Bonds, and Scribe a New Ending” for this bullroarer test due to potentially client-crashing problems. We felt it better to disable these and progress with all other testing than delay all testing until this issue was resolved. 

Level up to 100!
You may now level your character to level 100.

New Regions

Three new areas have been added to the game! Explore and enjoy West Gondor! These areas are free to VIPs!

Epic Story Volume IV
The Story continues! Volume IV is free to all players!


The Essence System is here!

New gear found throughout the world can be upgraded and enhanced by placing Essences into available slots. These Essences are currently earned as drops.

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