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Drac Say’s – Not A Fan Of The LI System So Thumbs_Down (Custom)

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Drac Say’s – Not A Fan Of The LI System So Thumbs_Down (Custom)




May 23rd – 26th
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If LOTRO added shrew session play, would you play it?

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  1. Southi /

    MMMMM, seems like someone’s own personal dislike of the LI system has jaded their opinion, but at least they were open about that lol.

    Truth be told I like the LI system just the way it is and imho it doesn’t require a ‘grind’ to get good stuff if you just play that toon a lot you will get plenty of IXP. For example on my cappy if I log into him generally within 90 minutes play time I have already maxed out another 4 fodder LI’s to 60/60. Ready for decon. (not knocking you Drac —just a difference of opinion).

    HOWEVER even with that being said, I’d never recommend buying anything from the store that you can get an equivalent with gold in-game. So your thumbs down is very valid on that point alone.

  2. Tim /

    Hmm, when it comes to the LI system, someone is a grumpy guss

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I would prefer a different weapons system. I hate having to bin a weapon I have grown fond of, or like because it is yellow and matches my outfit. I hope the system is changed in the near future XXX

  4. Tsu /

    I dislike the LI system although I use it …I have been known tobuy a relic removal scroll from store when real desperate…

    We need a vote for ‘meh nothing of interest’…and
    ‘meh…nothing of interest and don’t like LI’s’…Would be intereasting 🙂

  5. Cithryth /

    I’m totally with you on the dislike of the LI system. I’d like to see it totally gutted and revamped like the Class Revamp.

  6. Hagu /

    A TIL: if you log on your bank alt that will store these sort of things and search for “mark” all you get is a bear mask (which does not seem to have mark in the description). Very frustrating. Ofc once you figure it out and log on a higher level character it works.

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