LOTRO Outfits: Dressing Newbies [Guide]


A few weeks ago I was asked to make a guide for dressing low level characters. With Weatherstock approaching fast, I figured that now would be a great time to release that guide since many will be rolling new characters on Landroval to experience the event. This is a very simple guide with not a whole lot of specifics, however I think it should give you enough ideas to help you get your new toon looking spiffy for the big event! If you have any additions, leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Teriadwyn /

    This is a great video! I only discovered the preview command a few months ago, and now I make sure to try everything on before vendoring it… which also means I have vaults and housing chests full of stuff I’ve saved because I like the look of it.

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    If folks visiting Landroval for the first time and would like assistance in gaining a look, it is worth asking in regional chat. It’s worth visiting a little early and at peak times.

    If you know the pieces or look you want you can always mention this also.

    Another tip, Stock, Othrikar and Trestlebridge are also have cosmetic vendors. It’s worth a crazy run at low level to take a peek.

  3. Garthain /

    As a Landrovalian myself, I have a couple of other tidbits to offer others that play on my server:

    You can always feel free to hit up my main (Garthain) if you have wardrobe access but don’t have access to higher level armours. He’s a T9 Armourer maxed in all three crafting trees, so if you want something made, go ahead and hit him up and I’ll have a look at his recipes. If I have it, the odds are that I’ll have him make it and send it to a requesting toon for free (I do a lot of pro-bono crafting. Example being that I’ve made two or three different tiers of Clutho’s Armsman recipes for free because I’m a pretty nice guy =P)

    Also, never be afraid to ask to ‘borrow’ something that another players has in their cosmetic outfits. I have quite a few (most of them, actually) items that I use as cosmetics that I’ve never equipped since they’re in my wardrobe and have on more than one occasion lent them to folks to throw into their own wardrobe.

    I’m not the only one with this mindset, as a lot of people in the game have helped me out at lower levels by crafting things for me to use as cosmetics, but it’s a pretty intimidating proposition to ask someone at a high level, who’s an established character, to do anything. Most of us don’t bite (at least not hard), and I personally really enjoy helping out lower level folks/newbies since I know how crappy it is to grind things out on your own!

    Just my rambling, incoherent two cents. Take them for what they’re worth.

  4. Sullo /

    I’d like to put a plug in here for “Visitor From Another Server”:

    ‘Visitor From Another Server’ is a kinship made for people who visit Landroval for events but do not normally play there. The goal of the kinship is to help visitors to find other guests and to help each other navigate the strange new world of Landroval.

    To join, simply ask in Regional if anyone from Visitor From Another Server is online, and you can be invited. They also have a kin house in Bree-land with cosmetic outfits for those who are interested in looking a little more stylish for in-game events.

    (full discolsure: I was in VFAS for a long time, before finally deciding that Landroval was my main server, and then joining the LMB)


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