LOTRO Store Sales 05/09/14 – 05/15/14


Free Sample Of The Week 

May 9th – 15th
+5000 Enhanced Reputation Supply x1
Use Coupon Code REP77 1/Account

Rune-keeper Class


  25% Off 795 596

Drac Says – RK’s are fun to play (You blow stuff up!) Thumbs_Up (Custom)



Warden Class

  25% Off 795 596

Drac Says – Be Like Pinelfeaf!!! Thumbs_Up (Custom)


Character Slots

  25% Off 595 446

Drac says – always good to see these on sale! With the upcoming Beornings you will want another slot! Thumbs_Up (Custom)

Slayer Deed Boost


25% Off75-450 56-338

Drac Says – Always good to see these on sale, helps out with those deeds! Thumbs_Up (Custom)



May 9th – 11th
  • 75% off Experience Disabler
    60% off War-Steed Cosmetic Dyes
    35% off Tomes of Will






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  1. Sullo /

    WOW, so much good stuff this week! XP disabler 75% off is pretty good… it should be free, IMHO, but still that’s pretty good. Maybe I’ll crank through some deeds and buy more character slots!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    If I had the tp… I would be all over those war-steed cosmetic colours.

    • Me too! Though I really wish we could buy them on characters that are not yet 75. Ideally, I’d like each character to have one dye set, so no gray ponies! I don’t think I can level my guardian 25 levels this weekend, lol.

  3. Eirlog Musclegut /

    Everything is worthwhile this week… not sure what to spend my TP on (already have Warden & RK, 9 character slots)… Deed boosts are always welcome, and the XP disabler may be worthwhile for my LOTRO Players Adventures character as there’s a LOT of lvl 50 content to get through.

    Pink is a free war steed dye so I’m good 😉

  4. More characters! Woo!


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