Where’s Tinki? – Ost Guruth.


Hello Again!


Last week we were all spotting Tinki in Duillond. Haven of the Elven folk.


Answers from Where’s Tinki? – Duillond, Ered Luin.

Easy – Chatting to the Elves, in the dancing area.

Medium – On the left hand platform in the distance between the columns.

A Challenge – Riding her pony on the path beyond the platform areas.


This week Tinki is hiding in Ost Guruth. 

Remember! Please think of others before leaving the answers in the comments.

Tell me how many you managed to spot.

Did you resort to clicking the image to make it pop out and larger?


Here is Tinki in her fine Yellow coat and scarf.







The Challenge



  1. I think I got em all this week…

  2. gennyrose /

    I had trouble with the medium one, but I got them in the end. Very fun!

  3. Tinki /

    Can I play? }:)

    • Lilikate Buggins. /


      We are not worthy!

      All hail the Yellow Coated One!

    • Finding yourself could turn this into a very deep philosophical segment. I’m not sure the community is ready for that 🙂

  4. Lhinnthel /

    I found that adorable little hobbit in all three, though medium gave me a time 😀

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