LOTRO Academy: 93 – Getting Around


LOTRO Academy: 93 - Getting Around
Branick, Mysteri, Draculetta, and Pineleaf discuss the various travel options available in The Lord of the Rings Online™. This episode was suggested by (and notes were generously provided by) listener Bloobwulf, who won our Fellowship Walk auction last year. Thanks for listening.


  1. Trotter /

    Great episode as usual.

    I love my Hunter (The Taxi) but one skill you forgot to mention, which I love and would love to promote to other Hunters, is the Desperate Flight skill.

    This allows the Hunter to travel instantly to a nearby rally point, which is very, very useful if you have fought your way to the end of a difficult area, killed the boss, and want to get out, but not go a long way from your current location.

  2. Great information in this episode! Very well researched. Dang, I guess I need to get on the stick and do some more stable routes diagrams. I fear I bit off a little more than I can chew when I started those. There’s really no way I can feasibly continue to keep them updated. Perhaps I’ll just press on and do a little bit at a time without worrying about updating the older ones.

  3. Eirlog Musclegut /

    Great episode (as usual) and I’ll agree with Brax that it was very well researched.

    You guys seemed to come down hard on using Mithril Coins to travel (and unlock stables), but I have found a few notable exceptions to the “discover it the normal way you lazy sod!” rule that I generally try to follow:

    1) to get to Rivendell (from Ost Guruth), or Esteldin for craft guild acces before it’s safe to get there. Until they put guild houses in Bree, it’s the best option to do once to unlock the stable. I often use lower level alts as crafters-only and making the trip up the hill from the fords is fraught with danger.

    2) Dolven View to the 21st hall once you first get to Moria so you can access the services there.

    Additionally, I purchased a 2nd milestone skill on my main back in the days of Isengard and still have it assigned to the Ox-clan camp. It’s a pain to get to and is still the only place to crack those sigils. I would probably have bought heaps more if they were a) account-wide and/or b) on independent cool-downs.

    Plug-ins were asked about. I personally use stableguy (by Riddermark’s Radicus) – all you have to do is to choose the starting and end point and it will point you on the nearest route (and I believe also can track milestones etc…). And it’s up-to-date with U13!


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