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Hello LOTRO Players,

This is a post of two halves. In the first half I would like to talk about an event from last weekend. In the second an event planned for the future.

We have seen some wonderful creative talent on Landroval this weekend. Not to mention the organizational skills it takes to host a two day musical festival.


Day on the Greenfields

The first event:  The Day on the Greenfields – Which turned into two days. I would like to express my thanks to Miss Fincin for having my crazy Creatures perform at her event. Also apologise to Miss. Abby fr what ever damage Byrcha’s fire-breathing emote did to her Cameraman.

I have a message from Fincin which I shall post here:

On April 19th and 20th, Les Beaux Chapeaux and the fine bands of Landroval held our first “Day on the Greenfields” music
festival at the stages in the Greenfields outside of Brockenborings. With 23 bands, some of best Landroval has to offer and 6
soloist of no small stature, we were able to provide 25 hours of music to our endearing fans and to each other over a two day
period. Turnout for the event was exceptional with a very well behaved and jovial crowd considering it was a holiday weekend,
bringing in the fourth or fifth largest gathering I personally have seen for a music show. Not disappointing for a first time event in my opinion.

The mood remained light and festive and the bands most professional and timely. My only regret being we are not yet
big enough to have merited the receiving of and handing out of titles for attendance and participation like the esteemed
Weatherstock competition. There are of course others still more deserving in those regards such as the Sons of Numenor for
their Symphony of Light festival and parade which is held each year in honor of Bilbo Baggin’s Birthday. I am sure many others
are deserving of such as well but I could write a large book trying to tell of them all. The support given to us from the
community was above and beyond the call of duty and I cannot thank them all enough!

If there were any stars of the festival, I would have to give that up to Piperia and Totiny of Les Beaux Chapeax. Piperia in
the style of Tinki from the Lonely Mountain Band, went around shoving goodies such as pies, ales, pipeweed and fireworks for
two days straight into the pockets of the audience with Totiny in hot pursuit. Totiny took on double duty by also helping with
some of the announcements and I cannot thank her enough for the break she alloted me. The overall support the Les Beaux
Chapeaux Kin provided was beyond expectation and I thank you all for such a fine job!

The support given by others I wish to mention would be Abaraniel for recording and streaming most of the show when time
allowed her, and for Mystifax for the wonderful fireworks display during much of the show.

A very special thank you to Lilikate for her superior guidance in running big events. Without the mentoring she gave me, I
do not think I could have organized such an event so give her a hug and thank you when you see her. She did more for us than
she will admit. 🙂

Thank you to Lilikate as well for the advertising at Lotro Artist web site and to the Sons of Numenor for advertising on
their site. To the Lonely Mountain Press for advertising and to the Lonely Mountain Band for all of their support. To the
Shire-moot, Ales and Tales, and Bright Star for use of their chat channels to advertise. I believe I put up enough advert spam
to feed the Bounders of the Shire for a year or more. 😛

To the bands and soloist for without them, we would have no show…
Day On The Greenfields #1

Barrow-Iron Maiden
Rock and a Hard Place
Die Meisterbarden Von Bree
The Very Pretty: Miss Lilikate Buggins and The Amazing Masked Rambling Musical-Instrument Playing Creatures, Impromptu Band
Les Chantefables
Bara Bahau
The Breakfast Club
Runic Knights Orchestra
Birds of a Feather
The Just Abby’s
Bright Star
Everdir and the Maidens of Vanimor
The Stewards of Midnight
Music Mead & Mischief

Day On The Greenfields #2

Flock of Smeagols
Soloist Orladan
Soloist Fionwyn
Soloist Palafoxia
The Andune Ensemble
The Remediators
Soloist Flaennah
Soloist Benjimir
Soloist Tessariel
da Bugans
No Whole Bard
Les Beaux Chapeaux

To Mr Tromblon and Mr Bredouille. Thank you for so much. Without your friendship and hard work there would be no Les Beaux Chapeaux. I am honored to call you friends. You inspired me and supported me in so many ways I will never be able to thank you enough! ~A hunnerd bunnyhugs to you boths!~
To all those who I have forgotten to mention here for the behind the scenes help, thank you.
Last but not least I wish to thank Lord of the Rings Online for giving us the music system in game and the best spot ever for a big show, the Greenfield stages!

Thank you all so very much for helping me to realize this dream 🙂

Fincin Elodie Halwende

Spring Racing Carnival

The second Event news is the Announcement today of The Spring Racing Carnival to be hosted on Saturday 17th May.  Windy Acres Ranch are again hosting a Steed/ Racing extravaganza for all our enjoyment.

Here is the link to the post in the Events Forum of

News can also be found on

Windy Acres Ranch 

I am hosting a pair of races at this event and information for those can be found at this link:  Smell the Roses Shire Sprints.

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