A Hoarwell Horror Story – Episode 1


On a rocky beach somewhere along the Hoarwell River an unexpected story began to unfurl.
A seemingly harmless Hobbit began to fish, attracting the local wildlife.
Many a fierce-some monster did appear and often interrupt his exploits until an epiphany struck violently in this little lad’s mind…
He thought to dine with the darkness.

Late on into the evening, a mighty Warg appeared from out from the shadowy waters.
Speaking in a strangely familiar Westron tongue, he announced his own name in greeting,

“Heya, I’m Miltfang! What are you doing just standing there?”

Startled and yet curious the half-ling replied back with surprisingly successful results,

“I..erm.. am..uh.. Skoch! Ye wantsez ta eats sometin?”

Barking wildly with excitement, both Skoch and Miltfang began to share in delightful conversation over a late-night meal!

It wasn’t until meeting up with his long-time friend, the nefarious Elf, Illydros, did his sinister plans come into full view.
Approaching to ask about the latest news from the front-lines of the Ettenmoors,
Illydros received something of an interesting reply when Skoch blurted out;

“I wanna be a Warg-rider! Gotta catch meees one of deez! Dey gotsez good food-stuffs too!”

The ever calculating Elf offered his help and thier discussion went something like this:

Illydros: “Can you lure in the Wargs with that fishing pole?”

Skoch: “Yesh, but I cannae do much to keep dem from runnin’ away.”

Illydros: “Perhaps my Javelin can hamper them down long enough for you to jump them.”

Skoch: “Muahahahahaha! Den we eatsez!”

Illydros: “I’m not sure where this is going, nor do I think that is related to you becoming a warg-rider…”

Skoch: “Shuuuuh! ‘Ere comesez one now! Hideded!”

In just that moment a powerful and feared Warg swam rapidly toward them, prepared to enjoy a new chew toy!
Skoch quickly tossed his Norbog Gizzard-bait into the Hoarwell as Illydros cloaked himself in Elven shadows.
It worked!
The infamous Warg known as “Looma the Hunter-slayer” wrapped her fangs around the fishing line and began to pull…



What will become of their plan?
Will Skoch fulfill his dream of becoming a Warg-rider,
or will the Wargs simply 
adopt a new pet of their own?
All this and more in upcoming episodes of A Hoarwell Horror Story!



  1. Andang /

    Great first article!

  2. Skoch /

    All thanks to the helpful walkthrough from Lilikate yesterday! 😀

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I love that last Screen-shot, fishing or a Warg is just priceless!

  4. Rozalinde /

    This is the best! Moors-RP… I love it.

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