LOTRO Academy: 92 – Regarding Bullroarer


LOTRO Academy: 92 - Regarding Bullroarer
Branick, Draculetta, and Pineleaf discuss the many upcoming changes expected with Update 13 of The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.


  1. Trotter /

    A few comments on the latest show.

    1) There are three entrances to Angmar from the North Downs, not two, the third entrance is at the back of the Hillman camp.

    2) It was stated that the Tolkien Estate are happy with the lore position of the new class. This is incorrect, the Tolkien Estate does not have any involvement with LOTRO. Middle-Earth Enterprises owns the video games rights, though they are currently being sued by the Tolkien Estate over these rights. Turbine would speak to Middle-Earth Enterprises about lore.

    3) You missed the fairly large Scholar Changes in U13, the lower tiers crafting mats are being simplified in this update.

  2. # 2 – Correct, I’m sorry if I Misspoke when I was talking about them getting the thumbs up on the new class.. I knew what I meant to say, guess it came out wrong 🙂

    #3 I did not do anything with Crafting at all.. I normally will check to see what changes are, but this time I did not.. That Scholar change is a VERY good thing though!


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