LOTRO Academy: 91 – Storage


LOTRO Academy: 91 - Storage
Branick, Mysteri, Pineleaf, and Draculetta are back with an episode about storage in The Lord of the Rings Online™, covering Bags, Vault Space, Shared Storage, Housing Chests, even Wardrobe Space and the Barter Wallet. Thanks for listening.


  1. Karvett /

    All Myst has to do to increase that death count is to keep showing up for the LotRO Players Adventures, running Fornost and such. 😀

  2. Teriadwyn /

    As of update 12 (the Helm’s Deep release), bound items can now be placed in housing storage. This works for items bound to account and bound to character, though character-bound items can only be removed by the character they’re bound to.

  3. Cadd /

    Regarding the Premium Wallet Upgrade:
    I agree that it is the single most important purchase of storage, but I’d also add that most if its effect kicks in from Moria and onwards. That’s when you’ll start racking up all those character-bound barter currencies for the various rep factions, like the Galadhrim and Maledhrim. Pre-Moria it’s mostly taxidermy stuff like fishing trophies that goes in the premium wallet.

    My choice of order for spending TP:
    1) Shared Storage, at least 20-30 slots.
    2) Premium Wallet as soon as the first character starts questing in her second “barter currency” area.

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