Update 13 Landscape Videos


Bullroarer is up with the content for Update 13.

Bullroarer Patch notes can found here

Andang and Ethelros were kind enough to take on us a quick journey of the new zones.

The first zone is a fairly small zone called Entwood.

To reach this zone you will have to do a few quests to open it up.  Something of note with this zone, is we get to see some updated waterfalls!

This probably goes without saying but there are spoilers ahead


And now for the second area, the one I’m sure a lot of us have been waiting for…   Flooded Isengard

A nice little feature of this zone is the ability to go back into the aera beneath Isengard where we spent some time as a prisoner

Again A Word of Caution here there are spoilers ahead



  1. Fredelas /

    I think calling either of these places “zones” is exceedingly generous.

  2. Any word on how much non-VIP’s will be charged for these areas?


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