Update 13 Inventory Changes (Video)

LOTRO’s Update 13 includes many quality-of-life improvements, not the least of which is an update to the bags players use to haul around loot and other curiosities. Below is a list of alterations to the inventory system that currently exist on the update 13 beta build. Watch the video for further explanation. Keep in mind, beta changes are always subject to change.

  • New inventory slots can be purchased
  • Individual items within a bag can be locked to keep players from accidentally selling or destroying items
  • Bags can be re-sized by dragging the side of the bag with the mouse
  • Blocks of inventory items can be selected and dragged over into other bags
  • Bag 1 has a search box that searches across all bags for inventory items


Braxwolf Stormchaser

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  1. Mzrts12 /

    whoa, this is pretty cool :D

  2. Barosa Balladweaver /

    This is very cool!

  3. Looks great. RE. Search…why no filters, that must be easier to implement than searching?

    Great Stuff :)

  4. Well, nice to see them doing some UI enhancements. However, this has about one-tenth of the features that HugeBag has (sorting, cross-character searching and display, vault and storage display to name a few)… and it was written back in 2011.

  5. Eirlog Musclegut /

    Looks good… not ready to remove AltInventory yet, but may change the feature “replace bags”

    #1 point: I CAN BUY MORE BAG SPACE!!!!! woohoo!

  6. Teriadwyn /

    Yay for more bag space! Though with the changes to scholar, hopefully I won’t need more bag space because I won’t have to carry around so much junk until I can mail it to my scholar alt.

  7. Locking items and Searching in the inventory is actually available on live right now, has been for a loooooong time. The new ways are a HUGE improvement in usability though!

  8. all turbine games are milking cows… pathetic.

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