Poll: Would You Buy Session Play Packs?


In the new bloopers section of episode 37 of LOTRO Players News, we suggested the possibility of having session play themed packs for sale in the LOTRO store. Would you buy them?

How did you discover Tolkien?

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  1. Crell /

    With TP only. I would almost certainly not expend extra cash to do so.

  2. Tinybel /

    Not really. I don’t mind session play but i’m not big enough of a fan that i would buy a pack only or mostly consisting of it.

  3. Karvett /

    Session packs would HAVE to be heavy Tolkien lore oriented in order for me to buy them. The sessions would need to fill in story gaps (much like the current sets) that would only be possible to experience through the eyes of a session play… like the destruction of the Ring Forges, the fall of Fornost or the razing of the Shire to name a few.

  4. Ethelros /

    Provided the TP price is reasonable and the stories catch my interest, I’d certainly be willing to purchase them.


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